GSA Putt

GSA Putt

GSA Putt for Android Devices -
$199.99 ($139.99)

GSA Putt

At one third of an ounce, 3BaysGSA Putt is the world’s lightest and most advanced golf swing analyzer. The GSA uses advance motion sensors technology to capture over 10,000 data points on each of your swings and provides immediate feedback on your Apple iPhone, iPad or Android device. The GSA Putt is plug and play technology, just 3 quick steps that take a couple of minutes: Easily apply the GSA to the butt end of any grip, download the free GSA putt app from the Apple or Google App store, pair the GSA with your device using standard available Bluetooth, it’s that simple. The size, weight and location of 3BaysGSA Putt make it inconspicuous, free from obstruction to your set up or swing, and it does not affect the weight distribution of your golf club.

You can instantly review the swing arc animation playback in both side and top views along with key swing parameters, including: angle at impact, Face angle along the path, attack angle at impact, tempo, backswing time, downswing time, impact speed and swing path distance

3BaysGSA Putt is a perfect training partner for all golfers of any skill level. You can use it on practice ranges, golf games, during lessons with coaches, or even at home.

    Summary of features:
  • Only weighs one third of an ounce, smartly apply at the end of grip
  • Powered by advance motion sensor to digitize your swing with proven accuracy
  • Provides real-time feedback on your mobile via Bluetooth
  • Provides swing arc animation playback for instant analysis
  • Measures key swing parameters angle at impact, Face angle along the path, Attack angle at impact, Tempo, Backswing time, Downswing time, Impact speed, Swing path distance
  • Compares each swing with your last one, best one or a pro’s swing
  • Shares your swing on Facebook, Twitter or via Email
  • Perfect training partner on practice greens, golf games or even at home
  • A great gift for the avid golfer
  • Free GSA Putt app downloadable from the Apple or Google App Store
  • Patent pending

GSA Putt Screen Views

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