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 -  Saturday, June 30, 2012
Awsome Shaft
Reviewed By: Ron (Panama City, Fl)
I have been a club builder since 1997 and have tried many shafts over the years. I have worked on clubs for some local pros and have received excellent feedback. I tride the original Xcaliber 6 &6+ and had good sucess with them even though the ball flight was a little high for me. A buddy of mine tried the 6+ TS stiff and found it a little to stiff. So I borrowed it from him and all I can say is WOW!!! I have a steady swing speed of 112 and hit a high ball. I put the shaft in my Adams 9*F11 and added a good 20 yards on to my drives. The ball flight has come down to what I was looking for and gained more roll. My yardage has gone from a consistant 285 to 305 and my control is unbelievable. I will definitely be changing my 3 wood and hybrid to this shaft. In my humble opinion this is the best shaft on the market at any price!!!

 -  Thursday, May 26, 2011
Fantastic Shaft
Reviewed By: Mark Leach (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
I was totally surprised and blown away by the feel and performance of this shaft. A bit about me: Driver SS avg 105mph, avg dvr distance 240 carry, 7 iron 155-160 yds carry. I generally hit a straight ball, sometimes a 3 to 7 yard fade. My miss is a pull left. Play at sea level here in Halifax, it is almost always windy. Age 42, fit and athletic. I'm a bit of a golf driver hoarder. Have had 9 different drivers and approximately 23 different shafts during the past 3 years. Recently, as of 2010, fell in love with the TM Superfast TP (the non-white version). Sold my entire stash of drivers and bought three TM Superfast TP - one retail $399 and two more from ebay (both new) with registered serial numbers for $125 and $131 respectively. So I needed to find the correct shaft. I have tried all the big names MRC Diamana Blue Board, Marix OZIK HD6, Voodoo SVS6, Motore F1 55&65 all in stiff flex and many more. All shafts have been SST pured. So on a whim I placed an order for the AXE Tour TS stiff; had it SST pured. Build three drivers, all the same club head ( superfast tp), same grip (Golf Pride VDR blue), same ferrule, 4x wraps of grip tape, 4 gr tip weight, 44.75" in length, one with the Xcaliber Tour in stiff, one with the Diamana Blueboard 63s and one with a Fujikura Motore F1 65s ...and off to the range I go. I'll keep it short: best for feel through impact and transition to downswing - the Xcaliber; best ball flight for me which is mid to high - the Xcaliber, best performance - the Xcaliber ( I was carrying the 250 yd sign into a 10km/h (6mph) head/cross wind with srixon range balls), all others were shorter by 3-7 yds, no ballooning, a nice angle of decent with some roll, maybe 2-3 yards on a wet and soft driving range These shafts are fantastic. I now feel real foolish for forking out $250.00 plus for other shafts that do NOT perform better,

 -  Monday, May 10, 2010
Reviewed By: ker (West Palm Beach, Florida)
I bought this because it fit my swing profile and would give me a low flight and hopefully give me a little fade. I was skeptical at first but after installing it in my driver head, I got what i was looking for in a big way. penetratingly flat ball ball with a slight fade on the end. The transition from backswing to forward swing feels real smooth as well.

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