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 -  Friday, July 12, 2013
Maltby KE4 SS1 Iron Head Set
Reviewed By: Firestone (Indianapolis, Indiana)
The Maltby KE4 SS1 Iron Head Set is a great value. These heads have a great finish, workmanship and appearance that has been alluded to in other posts. The sole width may wider than some would prefer and the top line is a bit wide as well but these heads overall is an outstanding value. They perform well with a player who has enough swing speed and launch angle to utilize the head's "more penetrating ball flight." The player must also have the ability to conrtol the ball flight with the head's reduced offset.

 -  Monday, June 17, 2013
Ke4 as-1
Reviewed By: Phil (Boling, Texas)
The stock photo does not do these heads justice. They are beautiful. The soles are a little wider than I expected but I cant see the back of the club in my setup. I don't like to think about sole width while standing over the ball. These heads have a buttery soft feel. They make the mid level callawy balls that have the hard cover feel like provs. Ball gets up in a hurry and I gained distance. Shafted with dynalite gold xp s300. I don't like he work the ball if I don't have to but I can hit a draw if needed. Normal flight is a baby cut. I hit 4 balls on the range before my first round with the pitching wedge and went straight to the box and shot one shot off my low round. I immediately had a lot of confidence with these heads. I have seen a few clone brands and some OEM heads elsewhere but these are booting them all out of the bag along with my cobras. Great value at $80 for the set.

 -  Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Truly a great bargain!!!
Reviewed By: Benbill (Bakersfield, CA)
This may be Golfworks’ best deal for a couple of reasons. To begin with, I have always been partial in favor of forged heads, having played the now extinct Maltby Logic Tradition, M-03 and M-04 clubs for several years. While these still conform to 2014, they are pre-2010 and the grooves have worn down. So, I decided to check out some new heads. In doing so, I noticed a similarity with the KE4 SS1 and the relativity new model KE4 forged heads, e.g., center of gravity location, moment of inertia, sole width, etc. Most of the specs were nearly identical and insignificant. There is a little more offset in the SS1 4, 5, and 6 irons; less in the 8, 9, and wedges, but none of great significance. I concluded that the only genuine difference is that the SS1 heads are double heat treated 17-4 stainless instead of forged carbon. Since I have always hit forged and believed that there is a considerable difference in feel, I was hesitant to purchase the SS1 set (Individual heads are not available). My wallet eventually decided I should try the SS1 since they were on sale for about $80. So, yesterday I took my newly made 6 iron to the range along with my old M-04 expecting to notice a big difference in feel. Much to my surprise the SS1 felt great, every bit as comfortable as my old M- 04. I am really satisfied. By the way, they are a great looking clubhead, ere so much more attractive than the pictures show. Truly a great bargain

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