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The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover

The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover

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V-Groove Grip Remover $19.99 In Stock

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The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover
A great tool for removing grips. The v-shape provides a channel to funnel solvent to where you need it most, loosening the tape, and it also strengthens the tool to give you some leverage to work the grip loose. If you are removing the grip to butt trim or extend the shaft, you can re-use the grip after using this tool.

Simply fold back the lip on the grip and slide the tool underneath. Pour a bit of solvent in the groove as you work up and around the grip. A little bit of patience will go along way as you let the solvent do its work.

Note: The V-Groove Grip Remover may not work well with cord grips or Winn grips, grips that have underlistings or grips that do not stretch a bit.

(8 customer reviews)

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 -  Sunday, September 11, 2011
Worked Great For Me
Reviewed By: JefS (Whitehall, PA)
I used this tool for the first time today. Just a small amount of grip solvent fed down into the grip allowed this tool to gradually slide down toward the butt of the grip. Regripping my irons with the same OEM grips will save me $40+.

 -  Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Save your grips
Reviewed By: Rouseman (Summerville, South Carolina)
Iíve been a fan of using my air compressor to remove golf grips for the past few years. The only problem with this method is that you can only remove stock rubber grips. This is of course assuming that you would like to reuse the grips you removed sometime in the future. Winn and other cord grips simply blows out and it just defeats the purpose of using a compressor. I might as well have used a knife in the first place. The V-Groove Grip Remover however is a completely different animal. If you do it right, you can pretty much save any grip so you can use it in the future. This comes in handy when youíre experimenting with different size grips or just purchased a new driver and want to match the grip to your other clubs. If you decide you donít like that driver and want to put it on EBay, you can then reinstall the original grip that you did not destroy when you removed it. The V-Groove thus far has been perfect. I have even been able to remove a 17 inch belly putter grip using this tool. The trick is to hold the head of the club in the palm of one hand, with the butt of the grip resting firmly on the floor. Stick the tip of the V-Groove about a half inch into the grip and then pour a little solution into the opening. As it flows down between the grip and tape, you can start rotating the clubhead while holding the tool steady with your other hand. Every inch or so, just add a little more fluid into the opening between the grip and the shaft. Keep turning the clubhead and adding fluid until you eventually get all the way to the end of the tool or end of the grip. Once itís all the way down, I would place my rubber clamp around the shaft and place it in a vice (donít over tighten). Once in the vice, you can hold on to your grip and twist it off. Using a dry towel or leather glove helps you to get a firm grip. Using the process, Iíve been able to get every single grip off, every single time Iíve tried. Every

 -  Saturday, June 28, 2014
Awesome Tool
Reviewed By: Gary  (Chandler, Az)
I've been doing amateur club repair for 30 yrs. and don't know why I never bought this before. In the span of 20 minutes I removed a Scotty Cameron Pistolini grip, Super Stroke 2.0 Midslim and a Winn type Mamiya grip saving me $60 in replacement grips. Review by Rouseman is right on. For me keeping the tool inside the grip when I hit the butt end and the grip was free and holding it securely while a buddy twisted and pulled the shaft out, rather than twisting the grip. Great product that already paid for itself 3 times over.

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