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The GolfWorks Extension Adhesive

The Extension Adhesive is a very strong, quick setting adhesive that features a slightly thicker viscosity and cures less brittle than most standard golf club shafting epoxy.

Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 .355 Tip Iron Shafts

PGA Tour tested and designed to meet the demands of the stronger player.

Aldila Rogue Pro Graphite Iron Shafts

The Aldila Rogue Irons feature a progressive launch angle with higher launching long irons and a more boring ball flight in the short irons.

The GolfWorks Speed Clamp

The GolfWorks Speed Clamp safely and quickly clamps any golf shaft

AXE XCaliber Hybrid Graphite Shaft

The Arthur Xtreme Engineering XCaliber Hybrid Graphite Wood Shaft .

KBS Tour C-Taper Steel Iron Shafts

Designed to impart lower launch and less ball spin.

Maltby M-Series+ Wedges

Maltby M-Series+ Wedges Feature a CNC Milled Face and Micro Grooves for the Ultimate in Spin and Trajectory Control

Pride Sports PTS Hard Wood Golf Tees

Pride Sports 1 1/2", 2 1/8", 2 3/4", 3 1/4" & 4" PTS Hardwood Golf Tees

Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 860 Driver Shaft

Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 860 - Wound for speed and charged for an explosive transfer of Kinetic Energy into the clubhead.

True Temper Dynamic Gold .370" Steel Iron Shafts

The #1 shaft in golf. The True Temper Dynamic Gold is a high-flex, tour weighted steel iron shaft that is designed for skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy.

UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Taper Iron Shafts

UST Mamiya Recoil™ 95 produces a medium ball flight.

Project X 95 Flighted Steel Iron Shafts

Project X 95 Flighted .355 tip Steel Iron Shafts

True Temper XP95 Steel Iron Shafts

XP95 is an Ultralight shaft (95g) designed to deliver maximum peak trajectory for explosive distance.

Super Stroke Legacy Slim 3.0 Golf Putter Grip

The Super Stroke Legacy Slim 3.0 Putter is designed for a consistent stroke with an enhanced feel, increased surface area, and increased tackiness with cross traction technology.

Maxfli U/4 Golf Balls

Maxfli U/4 Four Piece Construction for the Perfect Combination of Distance, Spin and Feel

Graphite Design Tour AD DI Graphite Wood Shafts

The Graphite Design Tour AD Deep Impact graphite wood shaft is designed to provide more power and stability.

The GolfWorks Gripping Station

Save valuable time and improve consistency of your regrips with the GolfWorks all inclusive Gripping Station.

Aerotech Steelfiber 80 CW Graphite Iron Shaft (Sets) - .355"

Aerotech Steelfiber 80 CW Graphite Taper Tip Iron Set

Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Grip

The hottest grip in golf is now available in the Platinum series.

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp safely clamps all golf shafts and is easily adjustable for clamping any shaft diameter

Black Widow Fast Twist & Pins Golf Cleats

Black Widow Golf Cleats Are The #1 Selling Golf Cleat In The World With Over 300 Professional WinsWholesale Pricing Available!

Maltby TE Forged Irons

Maltby TE Forged Iron club heads are manufactured using a five-step forging process, providing unparalleled quality and playability.

The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack

The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack (Qty 30) allows you to install a rib inside any golf grip creating a “reminder” that will guarantee correct and consistent hand placement.

Grafalloy Blue Graphite Wood Shafts

Grafalloy Blue 60 and 70 Graphite Wood Shafts

The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover

Safely removes grips from any golf club allowing the grip to be re-used.

UST Mamiya Pro Force V2 Graphite Wood Shafts

The UST Proforce V2 graphite wood shaft features a balanced tip section for higher launch, increased ball speed and longer carry off the tee.

Defiant 300 Driver Head

The Defiant 300 Driver Exceeds USGA Limits for Both Volume (505cc) and CT (300ct) for Explosive Distance and Forgiveness.

The Maltby Design Golf Club Swingweight Scale

Maltby Design Swingweight and Components Scale! The Industry Standard SwingWeight Scale!

Lamkin R.E.L. Ace 3Gen Golf Grips

Surface pattern provides maximum grip surface area, allowing unparalleled tack and feel

Maltby DBM Forged Iron Heads

Maltby DBM True Forged Iron Heads

Ping 703 Golf Grips

The Ping 703 golf grip is a unique textured OEM replacement grip for Ping golf clubs.

KE4 ST-H Hybrids

A Shallow Hybrid Design with a Wider Crown Width to Appease Players That Prefer Both High Lofted Fairway Woods and Traditional Hybrids

Maltby KE4 S Iron Heads

Ultra Game Improvement Design with Shock Dampening Technology

Maltby KE4 Tour HDI Hybrids

MS300 High Strength Steel Face Produces a High COR for Increased Ball Speeds.New and Improved for 2014!

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy - 8oz (2qty - 4oz. Bottles)

Maltby Tricept MG Tech Wedges

Maltby Tricept Forged MG Tech Wedges

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions available in 11 different sizes.

Rubber Tungsten Tip Weights

Rubber Tungsten Tip Weights for Metal Woods

Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grip

Golf Pride's softest performance grip.

Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Golf Grip

Golf Pride's firmest, stiffest cord grip available.

Aerotech SteelFiber Graphite Iron Shafts - .370"

Aerotech Steelfiber 70, 80, 95 and 110 Gram Graphite Iron Shafts - Parallel .370" Tip.

OEM Adaptor Saver Kit

Easily Remove OEM Adjustable Shaft Sleeves Without Damage!

Lead Counterweights for Steel Shafts

A Must Have Tool for Professionally Fine Tuning Golf Clubs

Lamkin Gripes - Grip Cleaning Wipes

Lamkin Gripes Large Surface Cleaning Wipes (15 count)

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Tour Set Plus Epoxy

Formulated to match the peel and shear strength of premium 3M(r) epoxies only with more elastic qualities specifically needed for proper golf club head/shaft adhesion, at about half the cost.

Graphite Design YS 6+ Graphite Wood Shaft

The Graphite Design YS-6+ graphite wood shaft is a proven performer on the PGA Tour in all major brands of club head styles.

Maltby Design Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor

We've taken our most popular Graphite Shaft Extractor and made it better

Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Golf Grip

Great feel and performance of Dri-Tac with contoured wrap profile.

True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Wedge Shafts

Designed with a revolutionary 3” section below the grip that creates an optimal bending profile for increased spin and lower launch angle.

Maltby KE4 Tour Hybrids

Maltby KE4 Tour Adjustable Weight Hybrid

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength High Impact Epoxy

The Maximum Strength High Impact epoxy is formulated for the high volume clubmaker to gel in approximately 1 hour. NOTE: An Epoxy Gun and 2:1 Plunger are required for proper dispensing.

Maltby Pure-Track PT Putters

Maltby Pure-Track PT Adjustable Weight Putter Heads

AXE XCaliber Tour SL Graphite Wood Shaft

Arthur Xtreme Engineering XCaliber Tour SL Graphite Wood Shafts .

Aldila Rip Alpha 6/7 Graphite Wood Shafts

RIP is a revolutionary shaft with optimum flex and torque characteristics with incredible feel

Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver w/Tini 2nd Gen Wood Shafts

Features the same Profile and High Density Prepreg as the original Kuro Kage™ Silver shafts, but with the addition of TiNi (Titanium Nickel) wire in the tip section.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord Golf Grips

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord golf grip - all the playability of Tour Velvet plus embedded soft cords for added grip.

Brampton HF100 Pump Spray Grip Solvent - 8 oz.

HF 100 solvent is more effective than other solvents, working well with up to 60% less.

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