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Golf Gauges
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Maltby Golf Club Gauge
The only way to accurately measure golf club specifications
As low as $349.99
Premium Extension Gauge
Premium Graphite Extension Gauge quickly and easily identifies the correct extension to use for almost any steel or graphite shaft.
As low as $7.50
Maltby Design Center of Gravity Location Tool
Vertical and horizontal center of gravity points are key to the performance of club heads.
As low as $59.99
Maltby Triangle Gauge Set
The Maltby Triangle Gauges now offer the club fitter a definitive way to measure and compare the effective” bounce of any wedge.
As low as $9.99
Maltby Laser Frequency Machine
The Maltby Design Laser Frequency Machine is a valuable tool for clubmakers to consistently measure shaft frequency of both assembled clubs and raw shafts.
As low as $459.99
Value Line Golf Club Measuring Gauge
An economical alternative to the Professional Golf Club Gauge, this model incorporates many of its features - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.
As low as $154.99
Magnetic Protractor
Magnetic Protractor used to measure loft and lie angles on irons, woods and putters.
As low as $14.99
Golf Club Loft and Lie Protractor
Quickly measures loft and lie of woods or irons. Our Golf Club Protractor is perfect for reading loft and lie measurements.
As low as $19.99
Maltby Bench Top Club Length Ruler
A quick and accurate tool to measure club lengths on irons, woods, wedges and putters.
As low as $129.99
Maltby Design Golf Shaft Deflection Board
Shaft manufacturers employ various methods of measuring shaft flex, and some shaft models vary in flex considerably from shaft to shaft.
As low as $179.99
Maltby Design Putter Head Loft Gauge
Do you know the loft of your Putter? It matters!!
As low as $14.99
Maltby Club Length Ruler
The Maltby Design Ruler is the most accurate club length ruler ever made, specifically designed for the club maker that demands perfection.
As low as $194.99
Multi Golf Shaft ID Gauge
A must have tool for reshafting and identifying almost any shaft.
As low as $11.99
Universal Grip Gauge
Measures all three important gripping dimensions — grip size, shaft butt size, and grip size under the right hand.
As low as $12.99
Maltby Design® Quick Grip Measure Gauge
A handy and ingenious tool for determining grip diameters.
As low as $14.99
The GolfWorks 48" Aluminum Golf Club Ruler
This ruler not only measures shaft length, it tells you how to do the job!
As low as $10.99
Exact Measure Tool
Designed for custom clubmakers, use this tool to obtain consistently accurate measurements for tip and length trimming.
As low as $49.99
Maltby Triangle Gauge
Aluminum 56 Degree Triangle Gauage - Measuring Effective Bounce on Wedges.
As low as $14.95
Digital Caliper w/ LED Display
Digital Dial Calipers with large LED display is a must have tool for any shop.
As low as $34.99
Machinist Protractor
Stainless steel and accurate!
As low as $14.99
Scoring Line Depth Gauge
Check your scoring line depth for a performance improvement!
As low as $59.99
Hosel Centerline Finders
Precision-milled Hosel Centerline Finders locate the exact hosel centerline of woods, irons and putters.
As low as $59.99
Self-Stick Ruler
Adhesive backed 48"" ruler sticks to a workbench for handy shaft and club length measurement.
As low as $6.99
48" Bench Mount Ruler
Extremely convenient. Mounts to side of workbench for easy access
As low as $16.99
Swivel Base for Golf Club Gauge
Swivel Base for LOLI2 and GW1040 Golf Club Gauges. Allows for quicker and easier spec measuring when using Golf Club Gauges.
As low as $74.99
Driver Loft and CG Gauge
Machined with four of the most common loft angles for drivers, this gauge is an easy, quick check loft gauge that is much easier to use than traditional protractors.
As low as $14.99
Fairway Loft and CG Gauge
Use in conjunction with Center of Gravity Tool (CGM) to accurately measure the vertical and rearward CG location of 3-woods.
As low as $14.99
Viewing 1 - 27 of 27