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  Premium Top-Brand Golf Club Components from the Most Extensive Inventory - Only at The GolfWorks  
Swingweighting Tools
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The GolfWorks V-Line SwingWeight Scale
Measures swingweight quickly and accurately.
As low as $89.99
The Maltby Design Golf Club Swingweight Scale
Maltby Design Swingweight and Components Scale! The Industry Standard SwingWeight Scale!
As low as $199.99
TaylorMade Head Weights
TaylorMade Factory Replacement Head Weights for R1, R11s, R11 and R9 Woods
As low as $12.99
Tour Lock Pro Weights
Tour Lock Pro is a revolutionary weighting technology that allows every golfer to fine tune, personalize and enhance the performance of any golf club.
As low as $5.99
Maltby Design Digital Swingweight Scale
Maltby Design Digital Swingweight Scale
As low as $329.99
Lead Shaft Tip Weights
Lead Shaft Tip Weights
As low as $1.89
Cobra Fly Z Series Driver Weights
Cobra Authentic Interchangeable Driver Weights for the Cobra Fly Z and Fly Z+.
As low as $16.99
The GolfWorks TM R15 Head Weights
Aftermarket Taylormade R15 Head Weights. Available in 3 Different Weight Options
As low as $18.99
Lead Counterweights for Putters
Counterbalance Putter Weights to Fine Tune the Feel of any Putter
As low as $2.59
High Density Tungsten Powder
99% Pure Tungsten Powder - 1/4 lb Jar
As low as $22.99
Tour Lock Pro Counter Plugs
Tour Lock Pro Counter Plugs, Reusable counter balance weights that require no epoxy.
As low as $7.49
Rubber Tungsten Tip Weights
Rubber Tungsten Tip Weights for Metal Woods
As low as $2.99
The GolfWorks Razr-Fit Weights
Aftermarket Screw Weights for the Callaway Razr-Fit and Tour Authentic Razr-Fit drivers.
As low as $9.99
HIgh Density Lead Foil Tape
30% heavier than standard lead tape, High Density Lead Tape is adhesive backed and can be applied quickly.
As low as $7.99
TaylorMade R-Series Aftermarket Head Weights
TaylorMade Weights for the R-1, R11s, R11, R9, R7 and R5 metal woods.
As low as $6.99
Maltby KE4 3 Prong Weight Wrench
Heavy Duty 3 Prong Wrench for KE4 Weight Screws
As low as $12.99
KE4 Screw Weights & Wrench
Multiple screw weight options for fine tuning swingweight in all KE4 iron, wood and hybrid heads.
As low as $1.69
The GolfWorks Swingweight Kit
Shaft tip weights, shaft butt weights and lead powder. Everything needed to swingweight golf clubs
As low as $49.99
Lead Counterweights for Steel Shafts
A Must Have Tool for Professionally Fine Tuning Golf Clubs
As low as $0.29
Rubber Tungsten Swingweight Tape
Rubber Tungsten Swingweight Tape - 10 Pack.
As low as $4.99
Universal Counter Balancing System
Universal CounterBalancing System allows weight to be added to the butt section of the golf shaft
As low as $3.49
Powdered Lead - 1lb
Lead Powder can be used down the shaft or with a butt weight port to fine tune swingweight of any golf club
As low as $9.99
TaylorMade 28 Count Weight Kit
TaylorMade 28 Count Weight Kit with Soft Case.
As low as $169.99
Maltby KE4 Triangle Screw Weights
Maltby KE4 Triangle Screw Weights
As low as $1.49
Swingweight Shaft Corks
Corks specific tapered shape designed to secure powdered lead and tungsten inside shaft tips.
As low as $1.99
The GolfWorks 48" Aluminum Golf Club Ruler
This ruler not only measures shaft length, it tells you how to do the job!
As low as $10.99
The GolfWorks Economy Swingweight Scale
Inexpensive Tool to Measure swingweight quickly and accurately.
As low as $49.99
Shaft Butt Weight Ports
A great tool for counterbalancing steel shafted woods, irons and putters.
As low as $14.99
Lead Foil Tape
Ideal for fitting, use lead foil tape as temporary weight on the back of both wood and iron clubs to achieve correct total weight and swingweight.
As low as $7.99
The GolfWorks Grip Saver
A must have tool for removing shaft rattles and adding powdered weight down a golf shaft.
As low as $14.99
Professional Weight Scale
Includes a 4.6"" metal tray for measuring golf club components. Measures in grams, ounces and pounds.
As low as $49.99
The GolfWorks Head Tac Syringe
Head Tac instantly stops those annoying rattles in metal woods and can be used to safely add weight to metal woods.
As low as $8.99
Heavy Duty 44 1/2" Ram Rod
Ram Rod used for internal heating and driving stubborn iron heads off the shaft
As low as $14.99
The GolfWorks Head Tac Adhesive
Stop annoying head rattles instantly!
As low as $7.99
Metal Wood Replacement Bore Plugs
Serves as a replacement for manufacturer's plugs. Prevents epoxy from working its way into the clubhead, causing rattles.
As low as $4.99
Metric Mixing Cups - 25 Count
Accurately mix insert and shafting epoxy with these inexpensive measuring cups. Marked in grams, ounces, milliliters and tablespoons.
As low as $1.99
Maltby Design Grip Tray for SwingWeight Scale
Adaptor for the popular Maltby Design Swingweight Scale lets you accurately measure swingweight of an ungripped club using an actual grip.
As low as $14.99
Brass Tip Weight Plugs
The same tip weights that major manufacturers use for swingweighting.
As low as $4.99
Viewing 1 - 38 of 38