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  Premium Top-Brand Golf Club Components from the Most Extensive Inventory - Only at The GolfWorks  
Shop Accessories
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Workbench and Floor Coined Covering
Give your shop a very professional, clean look.
As low as $44.99
Sharpie Mini Marker 4 Pack
Ideal for marking raw shafts to be cut and of course, for marking golf balls!
As low as $5.99
The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp
The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp safely clamps all golf shafts and is easily adjustable for clamping any shaft diameter
As low as $66.99
SoftSpikes Cleat Changing Station
An efficient and safe way to cleanly remove and install golf cleats.
As low as $99.99
The GolfWorks Premium Utility Knife
Industrial Strength Utility Knife with Ergonomic Handle and Fast Change Blade Option. Includes 6 Hook Blades
As low as $12.99
GolfWorks Putter Grip Alignment Board
A Great Tool to Help Align Modern Putter Grips for Both the Novice and Expert Club Maker
As low as $24.99
Club Head Protection and Impact Tape
Club Head Protection and Impact Recording Tape
As low as $7.49
Maltby KE4 3 Prong Weight Wrench
Heavy Duty 3 Prong Wrench for KE4 Weight Screws
As low as $12.99
Industrial Golf Club Curing Rack
The GolfWorks Industrial Golf Club Mobile Curing Rack
As low as $179.99
Adjustable Golf Club Curing and Display Rack
Adjustable Golf Club Curing/Display Rack
As low as $18.99
Maltby FCT Torque Wrench
Maltby FCT Torque Wrench for Maltby Adjustable Hosel Golf Clubs
As low as $17.99
Clubmakers Universal Vise
Made from unbreakable steel. Torque handle included. Now also includes Standard Clubmakers Vise Jaws. Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.
As low as $99.99
Golf Shop Repair Tags - 100 Pk.
Use these handy two part Repair Tags to keep track of your customers' clubs.
As low as $11.99
Pro Line Paint Pens - Fine Tip
Pro Line Paint Pens - Fine Tip
As low as $3.99
Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration & Repair
4th Edition (1995) of this Golf Industry Standard! Understand everything about golf clubs! Know how each feature works, why some designs work or fail, and how to repair all makes and models of clubs!
As low as $39.99
Maltby Design Golf Shaft Deflection Board
Shaft manufacturers employ various methods of measuring shaft flex, and some shaft models vary in flex considerably from shaft to shaft.
As low as $179.99
Flexclean Epoxy Mixing Board
The GolfWorks FlexClean Re-Usable Epoxy Mixing Boards
As low as $3.49
Epoxy Applicator and Mixing Sticks
The GolfWorks Epoxy Applicator Sticks (100 count) specifically sized to fit inside golf club hosels.
As low as $3.99
Kim Wipes
Convenient All Purpose Wipes are Lint Free and Perfect for Cleaning Epoxy from Hosels
As low as $3.99
Pro Plus Butane Micro Torch
The Most Powerful & Stable Butane Flame For The Job. Produces the power of a propane torch in the palm of your hand.
As low as $54.99
Flitz Metal Polish and Paint Restorer
Non-Abrasive Formula. Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable. Flitz Paste Metal Polish is a concentrated cream that is unequaled in its ability to Clean, Polish, Deoxidize and Protect.
As low as $9.99
Magnetic Lie Angle Demonstration Tool
Helps you see if the angle of the tool's shaft is too upright or too flat - or just right!
As low as $12.99
Bench Mount Shaft Holder
Secures to the front of your workbench and saves shafts and clubs from toppling over.
As low as $19.99
Universal Clubmakers Vise System
The ultimate clubmaking workbench tool set! A complete vise system for reshafting, regripping and many other clubmaking chores - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.
As low as $269.95
Adjustable Storage Box
Adjustable Storage Box
As low as $7.99
Protective Safety Glasses
These are popular, nylon framed glasses with side sheilds.
As low as $4.99
Professional Weight Scale
Includes a 4.6"" metal tray for measuring golf club components. Measures in grams, ounces and pounds.
As low as $49.99
Small Parts Rack & Adjustable Storage Box
Excellent storage solution for your golf equipment supplies.
As low as $42.99
Simichrome Polish
Removes the blueing from chrome or stainless hosels discolored during reshafting. PLEASE NOTE: Cannot Ship Via Air Service. No Ground Shipping to HI or AK.
As low as $7.99
The GolfWorks 48" Aluminum Golf Club Ruler
This ruler not only measures shaft length, it tells you how to do the job!
As low as $10.99
Exact Measure Tool
Designed for custom clubmakers, use this tool to obtain consistently accurate measurements for tip and length trimming.
As low as $49.99
Pro Torch - Butane Micro Torch
"Inexpensive alternative to LPT500 Pro-Torch. Uses same fuel. Handy Size. PLEASE NOTE: Cannot Ship Via Air Service. No Ground Shipping to HI or AK. "
As low as $29.99
48" Bench Mount Ruler
Extremely convenient. Mounts to side of workbench for easy access
As low as $16.99
The GolfWorks Shop Apron
Protect your clothes with this attractive, durable shop apron.
As low as $9.99
Double Bend Putter Assembly Jig
The GolfWorks Double Bend Assembly Jig takes all the guess” work out of those difficult double bend putter assembly jobs.
As low as $34.99
Golf Club Curing/Display Rack
A great addition to any shop or den for displaying golf clubs!
As low as $64.99
Loft and Lie Data Recording Pads
Record actual and intended loft and lie specifications, as well as customer information on this pad.
As low as $1.99
Cordless Power Drill - 18 Volt
The ultimate cordless hand drill for a variety of tasks around the shop. 18-volt motor provides plenty of power.
As low as $49.99
Putter Leveling Block
Allows sole to lay flat in Golf Club Machine.
As low as $29.99
Handheld Ferrule Installer
Economical yet effective tool to install ferrules.
As low as $9.99
Clubmakers Vise - Bench Mount Extension
Optional base allows vise to be extended 12" from workbench!
As low as $49.99
Viewing 1 - 41 of 41