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  Premium Top-Brand Golf Club Components from the Most Extensive Inventory - Only at The GolfWorks  
Small Parts
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Tour Lock Pro Weights
Tour Lock Pro is a revolutionary weighting technology that allows every golfer to fine tune, personalize and enhance the performance of any golf club.
As low as $5.99
Graphite Shaft Extensions
The GolfWorks offers graphite extensions for standard or ultralite shafts.
As low as $1.99
Long & Belly Putter Shaft Extension
Converts any standard putter shaft into a belly or long putter shaft.
As low as $3.99
Maltby KE4 3 Prong Weight Wrench
Heavy Duty 3 Prong Wrench for KE4 Weight Screws
As low as $12.99
The GolfWorks Brass Adaptor Shims
This is, without question, the best solution to fitting shafts into larger hosels. Keep a selection in your toolbox and you'll never be without a solution!
As low as $3.99
TaylorMade R-Series Aftermarket Head Weights
TaylorMade Weights for the R-1, R11s, R11, R9, R7 and R5 metal woods.
As low as $6.99
Brass Hosel Protectors - Pair
Soft brass protects hosels during iron head bending.
As low as $1.99
True Temper SensiCore Inserts
Improve the feel in your irons...your hands, your elbows, and your back. 8 Per Pack
As low as $27.99
Faz-Fit Fitting Adaptors
FAZ-FIT interchangeable adapters will provide golfers of every skill level with the instant feedback they desire when they are testing the performance differences between various heads and shafts.
As low as $7.99
Steel Shaft Butt Extensions
Use these steel shaft butt extensions to extend steel shafts for increased club lengths.
As low as $2.59
Golf Shop Repair Tags - 100 Pk.
Use these handy two part Repair Tags to keep track of your customers' clubs.
As low as $11.99
Split Ferrules
A must have for replacing damaged ferrules without removing the club head.
As low as $1.99
Powdered Lead - 1lb
Lead Powder can be used down the shaft or with a butt weight port to fine tune swingweight of any golf club
As low as $9.99
Bushing Sleeve with Ferrule
Plastic sleeve with attached ferrule for inserting a .335" wood shaft into a .350" bore. (4 per pack)
As low as $2.99
Swingweight Shaft Corks
Corks specific tapered shape designed to secure powdered lead and tungsten inside shaft tips.
As low as $1.99
Drill Bits
Choose from a large variety of sizes of standard and High Strength Steel drill bits
As low as $17.99
Shaft Butt Weight Ports
A great tool for counterbalancing steel shafted woods, irons and putters.
As low as $14.99
Maple Wood Golf Shaft Extension
Lightweight shaft butt extensions made from strong maple wood for steel and graphite shafts.
As low as $2.99
Fast Extract Complete Kit
Tool threads into broken steel shaft and pulls our the hosel remnant. Gets you out of a bind!
As low as $44.99
Club-Conex Faz-Fit Fitting Adaptors
Club-Conex 2010 Faz-Fit Fitting Adaptors
As low as $11.99
Bore Through Shaft Pins
These pins are specifically designed for finishing graphite and steel shafts used on bore-through wood heads.
As low as $4.99
Pro Line Paint Pens
Complete your refinishing job by paint filling score lines and engraving on clubheads!
As low as $3.99
Small Repair Parts and Shim Kit
Shims, pins, plugs and split ferrules. Every thing needed for difficult reshaft jobs! Kit includes 128 pcs in an convenient compartment box.
As low as $44.99
Club Conex Face-Fit Adaptor System
Club-Conex Face-Fit Adaptors, face angle adjustability with almost any existing driver.
As low as $7.99
Tapered Tip Iron Ferrules . .355"
65TI Single - Black Std .355" Iron Ferrule
As low as $0.35
Brass Shims - Tapered .355" to .370"
The best way to install .355" tapered shafts into .370" parallel hosel bores.
As low as $3.99
Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe Weighting System
Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe Weighting System to enhance the performance of irons, woods and putters.
As low as $9.99
Carbide Deburring Balls and Countersinks
Greatly reduces graphite shaft breakage!
As low as $29.99
Plastic Sqeeze Solvent Bottle - 8 oz
Use for solvents, oils, thinners and most other liquids. 8 oz. capacity.
As low as $0.99
Metal Wood Replacement Bore Plugs
Serves as a replacement for manufacturer's plugs. Prevents epoxy from working its way into the clubhead, causing rattles.
As low as $4.99
Golf Club Iron Ferrules - Colored Trim Ring
52PI Single - Black/Chrome Std .370" Iron Ferrule
As low as $0.50
As low as $0.50
Collared Golf Club Ferrules
Collared Ferrules for woods and irons are designed for use with graphite golf shafts.
As low as $3.99
Broken Screw/Shaft Extractor Set
This set of five extractors will cover needs ranging from removing broken shafts from hosels to extracting soleplate or insert screws.
As low as $14.99
Putter Leveling Block
Allows sole to lay flat in Golf Club Machine.
As low as $29.99
Brass Tip Weight Plugs
The same tip weights that major manufacturers use for swingweighting.
As low as $4.99
Bushing Ferrule Adaptors
Easy solution to reshafting wood and iron heads with large hosels. Works well when reshafting original TaylorMade woods and irons with .400" tip diameters.
As low as $0.99
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