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Shaft Extensions

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The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover

Safely removes grips from any golf club allowing the grip to be re-used.

Aluminum Golf Shaft Extensions

Aluminum Shaft Extensions for Steel Shafts

Universal Golf Shaft Extensions

The Universal Shaft extensions will work with almost any steel or graphite shaft.

Graphite Shaft Extensions

The GolfWorks offers graphite extensions for standard or ultralite shafts.

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions available in 11 different sizes.

The GolfWorks Extension Adhesive

The Extension Adhesive is a very strong, quick setting adhesive that features a slightly thicker viscosity and cures less brittle than most standard golf club shafting epoxy.

Long & Belly Putter Shaft Extension

Converts any standard putter shaft into a belly or long putter shaft.

Premium Extension Gauge

Premium Graphite Extension Gauge quickly and easily identifies the correct extension to use for almost any steel or graphite shaft.

Steel Shaft Butt Extensions

Use these steel shaft butt extensions to extend steel shafts for increased club lengths.

1" x 42" Professional Sanding Machine

This 1"x42" belt model is ideal for turning ferrules and roughing golf shaft tips

1" x 42" Belt Sander + Cut-Off Wheel

The GolfWorks industrial 1"x42" belt sander plus cut off wheel will handle all of your shaft cutting and prepping needs - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

Maltby Bench Top Club Length Ruler

A quick and accurate tool to measure club lengths on irons, woods, wedges and putters.

Maltby Club Length Ruler

The Maltby Design Ruler is the most accurate club length ruler ever made, specifically designed for the club maker that demands perfection.

The GolfWorks 48" Aluminum Golf Club Ruler

This ruler not only measures shaft length, it tells you how to do the job!

Exact Measure Tool

Designed for custom clubmakers, use this tool to obtain consistently accurate measurements for tip and length trimming.

Maple Wood Golf Shaft Extension

Lightweight shaft butt extensions made from strong maple wood for steel and graphite shafts.

The GolfWorks Cut-Off, Chop Saw

The GolfWorks High Speed Cut-Off machine will easily cut any graphite or steel shaft - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

Mini Extension Cutting Hack Saw

GolfWorks Mini Extension Saw cuts all plastic, graphite, wood and aluminum golf shaft extensions

Hand Held Golf Shaft Cutter

Cuts any graphite or steel shaft!

Grit Edge Blade

A special blade great for cutting graphite and fiber shafts!

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