Auditor Digital Shaft Torque Testing Machine-GM1020

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Torsional stiffness or "Torque" is an inherent shaft characteristic and pertains to the ability of a shaft to resist rotational inertia and provide a restoring force that has the ability to return the club head square to the ball at impact.

Now, with club heads max'ed out at or near the highest permissible MOI under the rules of golf, fitting players with a shaft that exhibits the right characteristic for flex as well as torque can greatly improve a golfer's shot dispersion.

While a club maker may peruse shaft data from a shaft maker's database, this "black box" approach does not lend itself well to the fitting process. There is no industry standard for measuring test. Each shaft company uses different testing procedures to analyze torque measurements of their own golf shafts. The makes comparing shaft data from different manufactures nearly impossible. Developed specifically for clubmakers, The Auditor Digital Shaft Torque Analyzer is now more refined, easier to setup and practical enough to be used extensively on a daily basis to test raw uncut shafts as well as assembled clubs to 1/10 of a degree allowing for the absolute comparisons of torque from all shafts.


  • Analyses shafts up to 50" long
  • Infinitely adjustable test span length
  • On centre, adaptive shaft butt clamp
  • Caged, centric torque wheel rotates shaft dead centre
  • Symmetrical loading butterflies with 15 degrees angle limit
  • Redundant angle scale for digital readout cross check
  • Split tip clamp allow fast loading and unloading of shafts

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