Auditor HD Pneumatic Reference Analyser

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Shaft Frequency Analyser

SKU: GM1018
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Auditor Profiling Guide

The Auditor Profiling Guide is a Shaft Stop "look ahead¨ golf shaft span indicator



Auditor HD Pneumatic Reference Frequency Analyser - A Brand new semi-automated frequency analyser design built around our super stable and highly successful load cell technology which has driven our line of reference analysers for the past 2 decades.

Key design features of this new development were driven for the most part by the shaft manufacturer's need for speed and reliability when testing shafts coming off the production line. We've also integrated several small refinements into the design demanded by advanced clubmakers heavily vested into shaft customization powered by proprietary shaft databases built around advanced shaft profiling systems (APS).

Analogue to Digital signal processing features:

  • Load cell sensing technology detects the faintest shaft oscillation
  • Selectable sensitivity level with digital oscillation count filtering
  • Selectable additive averaging function with override protection
  • Analogue signal output offers additional analytical tools to aid shaft design investigation of elastic recovery, fatigue stress analysis etc
  • 999 CPM count with auto filtering (selectable)
  • Unit conversion CPM / Hertz
  • CPM to Bar code output to printer. ( Printer not supplied)

Advanced shaft profiling features setup:

  • Allows Shaft length input
  • Allows shaft test span input
  • Allows average CPM sampling interval
  • Save as you go data collection
  • RS-232 Data output to spreadsheet
  • Batch download of profiled shaft data
  • Compatible data format .CSV & .TXT
  • Calibrated shaft beam length inches/metric

Shaft Clamp Features:

  • Proven shaft clamp design
  • Machined seats improve shaft/clamp coupling
  • Excellent pressure distribution over contact area
  • Vertical clamping force with no residual lateral push

Pneumatic Control features:

  • Regulated, fully adjustable clamping pressure
  • Zero damping, Self Equalizing cylinder pressure
  • One way flow, automatic clamp return
  • Fast clamping actuation response time
  • Voltage - 110V AC

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