CER 851 UM Iron Heads Left Hand

CER 851 UM Iron Heads Left Hand

By CER | SKU: 1225L
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The undercut muscle CER 851 UM has the highest playability of an CER model, and one of the highest we have tested to date! Designed to help all golfers enjoy the game more, these irons are loaded with game improvement features that provide extreme consistency and solid feel in a very attractive package - real confidence builders.

The undercut cavity design moves weight to the perimeter, increasing the left/right consistency on off center hits and providing solid feel. It also moves weight low and to the rear, lowering the center of gravity and making it easy to get the ball up into the proper trajectory without having to take much of a divot. Additional mass has been concentrated in the “muscle” portion of the cavity, right behind the ball at impact, to give the club an extremely powerful and solid feel.

To enhance game improvement, the set features a progressive offset hosel through the series, increasing offset in the longer irons to aid in squaring the face. Blade lengths are a lengthened a bit, moving mass away from the center of the face and increasing the moment of inertia, reducing the tendency of the head to twist on an off center hit and helping to ensure a straight flight path. Additionally, hosels are shortened, further lowering the center of gravity and moving more weight to the perimeter.

CER Undercut Muscle Irons

  • Special undercut cavity design places weight to the perimeter, the back and low for ultimate game improvement
  • Additional mass placed in the “muscle” part of the cavity makes the head feel extremely solid
  • Progressive offset increases offset in the long irons to improve accuracy
  • 3º of bounce in the sole of the 3-9 irons helps prevent digging
  • Wide .880" sole keeps weight low helping to get the ball airborne
  • Slightly longer blade increases the moment of inertia, improving forgiveness on off center hits
  • Shorter hosel lowers the center of gravity and moves weight to the perimeter enhancing game improvement features
  • Thinner, radiused top line presents a pleasing, classic look at address
  • Available in 3-9, PW, GW and SW
  • Recommended golf ferrule — 52PI

Cer 851UM Iron Specs