Chamfered Iron and Wood Ferrules

The GolfWorks Chamfered Ferrules

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200PW - Black (Wood .335") 1 Dozen - $3.49
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201PW - Blk/Chr (Wood .335") 1 Dozen - $4.79
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200PI - Black (Iron .370") 1 Dozen - $3.49
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201PI - Blk/Chr (Iron .370") 1 Dozen - $4.79
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202TI - Black (Iron 355") 1 Dozen - $3.49
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203TI - Blk/Chr (Iron .355") 1 Dozen - $4.79
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204TI - Black (Iron .355") 1 Dozen - $3.49
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Chamfered Ferrule Specifications

The premium Chamfered metal-wood and iron ferrules feature a beveled top for a smoother transition from the shaft to the ferrule. The Chamfered ferrules have been designed with smaller, more modern, outside diameters that require very little, if any, turning down. The Chamfer ferrules are Pre Washed with a high gloss finish and are offered in a variety of length, color and outside diameter options. Available in dozens only.

The Chamfered ferrules feature a 19 degree countersink allowing a cushion of epoxy to form between the top of the hosel and inside of the ferrule to prevent graphite shaft breakage. Available in .335" parallel (metal-woods), .370" parallel (Irons/Hybrids) and .355" tapered (Irons/Hybrids). Available in dozens only.