Epoxy Mixing & Dispensing Gun with 1-1 & 2-1 Plungers

Epoxy Gun with 1:1 & 2:1 Plungers

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Easy and Consistent Dispensing of All 50ML Epoxy. ... Learn More
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2-1 Ratio Plunger for ESG2

Additional plunger to allow 2:1 mix epoxy to dispensed from the ESG2 Epoxy Mixing Gun

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The GolfWorks Epoxy Cartridge Gun

Epoxy Dispensing Cartridge Gun with 1:1 Plunger

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Minimize Waste & Ensures Proper Mixing Ratios! The Professional Epoxy Cartridge Gun holds all GolfWorks 50 ml. cartridges, ensuring easy and consistent dispensing of all epoxy in accurate amounts. The added leverage of the gun makes dispensing small controlled amounts easy, and ensures even mixing. Smooth action makes the gun simple and easy to use. Durable plastic and metal construction.