Golf Mechanix Club Head CG Locator-GM1024

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The Club-head Center of Gravity (CG) locator can be used to identify and classify a club-head's key playing tendencies and forgiveness on off center hits by locating the CG position of the club face. A CG that is not on center feels less than solid at impact and will result in a push or pull, depending on whether the CG leans closer to the heel or toe of the club head.

Unlike other CG locators, the Golfmechanix design features a spring loaded firing pin which leaves a small pin mark on the club-face. Using a piece of brown tape on the clubhead will prevent any permanent markings from being made to it while clearly showing the CG location! This method is far more accurate and much easier than trying to push a pen through a pin hole!

Canada Customers: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.