Golf Mechanix Compact Heavy Duty Shaft Prepping Center-GM1099

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Compact Shaft Cutter And Ferrule Prep-ping Centre A Golfmechanix original design, this unit is powered by a heavy duty industrial motor integrated into one highly functional workstation that can handle all of your shaft & ferrule prepping needs.

The powerful ½ Hp 3,400 RPM motor provides ample power and is filled with our high performance 6" cut-off wheel to easily slice through steel and graphite shafts with very little dust or noise pollution. The graduated ruler ensures free hand cutting with good accuracy.

The spring tensioned 1" x 42" belt sander track can be mounted with a variety of high performance belts such as Trizact & Norax belts for safely prepping graphite shafts, putting a good coarse finish on steel sha