Golf Mechanix Reverse Thrust Shaft Puller

Golf Mechanix Reverse Thrust Shaft Puller

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Golf Mechanix Reverse Thrust Shaft Puller - A new revolutionary concept in golf shaft extractors! Instead of pushing the club head free from the golf shaft like all other extractors, the Reverse Thrust Shaft Puller efficiently pulls the shaft from the club head while the club head remains in a stationary position. By utilizing a low friction recirculating ball screw it only requires a small amount of torque applied to the wrench handle to produce up to 3000lbs of thrust and or load against the club head hosel. Additional pulling power and shaft preservation is added by a 700lb compression spring located in the pullers drive assembly to create instant separation once the heated epoxy’s bond is compromised preserving the integrity of the shaft tip.


  • Heavy Duty, compact design.
  • Reverse pull leverages the shafts taper to reduce slippage.
  • Stationary hosel allows for optimal and efficient heat application to hosel.
  • Suitable for any hosel or adaptor length.
  • Broken shaft extractor and ferrule splitter included

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