GolfWorks FP 142+ Solvent - Gallon

GolfWorks FP 142+ Solvent - Gallon

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The GolfWorks FP 142+ Grip Solvent - Gallon

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The GolfWorks FP 142+ Grip Solvents are non-flammable and non-toxic. The FP 142+ solvent features a high flash point (142+) and has very little odor making this solvent perfectly safe for use in small confined spaces. The FP 142+ solvent evaporates quickly and is petroleum based with extra additives to make any type of grip tape immediately slick for easy grip installation. The FP 142+ Grip Solvent is available in a 4 oz. Pump Spray Bottle, a Quart Spray Bottle and a Gallon container for large volume shops. * The GolfWorks FP 142+ solvent can be shipped via air freight and internationally without additional hazardous charges.

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