Guerin Tour Spec Silver Series Mallet Putter

Guerin Tour Spec Silver Series Mallet Putter - Save $170

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Save $170 - Guerin Master Milled Silver Series Mallet Putters - 100% CNC Milled From a Forging of the Highest Quality 303 Stainless Steel ... Learn More
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Master Milling

Designer Guerin Rife is introducing a new level of precision never before seen on a putter. He calls it “Master Milling.” This new proprietary machining process is so complete that the raw milled putter head does not require any grinding or polishing in the finishing process. Each putter is 100% CNC milled from a forging of the highest quality 303 stainless steel that produces a pure yet soft vibration to the hands.

One look at a Guerin putter, its intricate master milling, and the incredible attention to detail, you instantly know that you are holding something very special in your hands.

Tour Specified Weighting – Each putter is precision milled to a tour standard specified swing weight to accommodate the shaft length. Virtually every manufacturer produces putters with the same head weight then simply offers that head with different length shafts. While that may be convenient and cost effective for the manufacturer the different shaft lengths create very different swing weights. This means the shorter putters will be too light and the longer putters too heavy. Tour Spec solves that problem by milling the heads to a weight that compliments the shaft length.

The Wavy Grooves – The technical name for our face grooves is “VSE” which stands for variable surface engaging. The wavy pattern of the grooves is an improvement over straight grooves because there is more groove touching the ball (more groove “engaging” the surface). Also this wavy up and down pattern better conforms to the uneven dimpled surface of a golf ball. This provides a 50% straighter roll on off-center hits. And grooves grip and lift the ball at impact producing an immediate forward roll that doesn’t skip and skid like standard putters. Who better to improve on putter groove technology other than the man that invented them, Guerin Rife.

The “RockerSole” – Golfers position their hands differently due to one of their eyes being stronger than the other. 85% of golfers are right eye dominant. This means that they will position their hands under their right eye at address thinking the shaft is at 90 degrees when in fact it is leaning back away from the ball one or two degrees. This causes the back edge of the putter to engage the ground and forces the toe to turn in, or “hook”. This causes the golfer to constantly adjust the putter head while trying to set up to the target line. The RockerSole allows the putter to sit square to the target line regardless of hand position. The putter face always stays square.

About Guerin Rife:

Guerin Rife has been designing putters for 20 years starting withthe very first cavity mallet which he patented in the early 90’s.Best known for creating the famous TwoBar putter, he hasdesigned over 40 putter models used to win over 100tournaments worldwide on all professional tours. He is also theinventor of face groove technology and founded the Rife PutterCompany in 2000.

Mr. Rife has now introduced his first super-premium line of puttersunder his first name Guerin Putters.

His new Guerin line is manufactured in very limited quantities andwill maintain the highest standards for custom milled putters. While other companies make one putter for PGA Tour players and sell a cheaper mass produced putter to the golf consumer, anyone owning a Guerin Design putter will have the very same putterused by the best players in the world to earn their living.

Note:Grips installed on the Guerin assembled putters may vary.

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