KINETIXX TS-W Trajectory .370 Graphite Wedge Shafts

KINETIXX TS-W Trajectory .370" Graphite Wedge Shafts

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The TS-W Wedge Shaft features a proprietary winding process to negate the negative attack angle to increase back spin as much as 1500 rpm. ... Learn More

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The KINETIXX TS (Trajectory Series) golf shafts are truly unique. Unlike most graphite shaft designs on the market today, every individual shaft flex in the entire TS series originates from an independent build profile to achieve a specific flight pattern. The continuous fiber filament winding process allows for each individual shaft to have its own specific pre-targeted trajectory, weight and torque profile. This provides a truer fit for a wider variety of player types by matching the preferred launch conditions to the corresponding swing speeds of individual golfers. The result is improvement in every category of performance. This individual approach to performance shaft design is featured in all the KINETIXX TS Series shafts.

The KINETIXX TS-W .370" wedge shafts filament wound manufacturing process produces a spineless shaft for precision, pin point accuracy in the wedges. The winding process also allows for extreme re-positioning of material during manufacturing. Moving material towards the butt produces a very high balance point essentially creating a hinge to decrease the negative attack angle for increased spin.


  • Features an extended butt parallel geometry for greater trajectory control on scoring shots.
  • Concentricity through our patented and proprietary winding process, produces spineless shafts, with unmatched consistency, stability and performance.
  • Winding patterns are coupled with an embedded hoop stress mass, tailored to optimize torque transfer and induce a perpendicular axial stress tailored to increase negative attack angle, generating as much as 1500 rpm additional spin.
  • Available in two weight/flex options to fit a wide variety of swing types.
  • Available in .355" taper and .370" parallel.

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