Lamkin Sink Fit Deep V Putter Grip

Lamkin SINKFIT Deep V Putter Grip

By Lamkin | SKU: LK0221
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One of the most innovative putter grips to hit the market in 20 years - SINKFIT Deep V Putter Grips ... Learn More
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Lamkin’s new SINKFIT Deep-V (available in standard and midsize) is the first and only putter grip technology engineered with a thin Fingerprint Technology “sleeve” made from Lamkin’s Genesis Material. Deep-V grips uniquely offer the feel, traction, and durability of rubber, while providing the lightweight characteristic of other putter grips produced with polyurethane sleeves.


  • Unique ergonomic “V” shaped pistol-grip features a peak to create enhanced anchored traction and comfort
  • A great choice for golfers looking for lighter weight grips but dissatisfied with the quick tack and appearance degradation of polyurethane
  • Provides a perfect fit for players utilizing traditional overlap, reverse overlap, and cross-handed putting styles

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