Maltby KE4 Adjustable Weight Iron Heads LH

KE4 Adjustable Weight Irons LH

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Following GolfWorks original Kinetic Irons in 1989, other weight adjustable irons have appeared on the market and are readily available today, but none with the versatility, playability or quality of the GolfWorks best selling Maltby KE4 irons. Simply adding weight cavities to existing designs and profiles does not guarantee the proper mass and dimensional characteristics needed to produce high performance.

Over two years in development, the modern version of the GolfWorks Kinetic iron improves on the original, both in form and function. Advances in Investment Casting technology allow for an incredibly easy weight adjustment system that eliminates the need for lead tape or hosel weighting. There are 4 weighting options in the form of aluminum, stainless and tungsten metal screws. The screws are available in; 2 gram (aluminum), 4 and 6 gram (stainless) and 8 gram (tungsten) options. The Maltby KE4 iron heads can be ordered with no weight screws (MA0032), allowing the club maker to customize the head with any of the weight screw options (this allows nearly unlimited head weight, mass distribution, finished club length and shaft selection options to cover nearly all custom golf assembly needs.). The KE4 irons can also be ordered with two 4 gram weights installed (MA0022), which bring the heads to the GolfWorks standard specification weight.

The Maltby KE4 irons are also one of the most cosmetically appealing irons The GolfWorks has ever developed. The finish is a mirror polish on the perimeter and sole, with a non-glare satin finish on the toe area of the face. The top-line and face have a matching bead blast finish, another non-glare feature.

we were so excited about our results of our testing, we couldn't wait to release the Maltby KE4 irons. We encourage you to try a 5, 6 or 7 iron as a demo. We believe the results speak for themselves.

Head Weights & Tools
This versatility makes the Maltby KE4 Irons perfect for customizing club building options. Using the 2 gram weights allows the club builder to use heads 4 grams lighter than the standard weight, perfect for reducing the swing weight for over length clubs. The lighter head weight option is also perfect for use when building junior clubs. Juniors often need slightly lighter head weights to allow them to develop proper swing mechanics. The adjustable weighting feature also makes the KE4 Irons a great choice for a women's clubs. Using the 6 gram or 8 gram weights allow for slightly increased head weights that can bring the swing the weights of clubs up to more normal ranges when light weight graphite shafts are used.

The chart below is a guide for head weights needed to achieve a D2 swing weight on a 5 iron at varying lengths with different shaft types, using a 50 gram grip. This chart is a basic guide for different shaft weight and a 50 gram grip. Changing shaft weight, club length or grip weight will require adjustments to the head weighting to achieve a desired swing weight. The beauty of the Maltby KE4 system is that this is no problem.

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