Maltby KE4 TC Shaft Adaptor-MA0309A

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The 2022 KE4 TC adjustable CNC milled aluminum hosel has been redesigned and no longer requires a ferrule and is compatible with all KE4 TC adjustable club heads. The KE4 TC adaptor features a double cog that allows for 8 different settings to fine tune your ball flight trajectory and shot dispersion. The KE4 Tour TC adjustable hosel allows for loft settings of +/- 1° from the static loft of the KE4 TC adjustable clubheads. RH .335"

Replacement Part:

  • Replacement Screw MA0309SC - $0.99
  • Replacement Foam Washer – MA0309SW - $0.25
  • Replacement Ferrule for 2021 and earlier adaptor – MA0309AF - $0.79