Maltby KE4 Tour TC Premium Driver Pak - UST V2 Black

By Maltby | SKU: PMA0309V2
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KE4 Tour TC Driver Pak with UST V2 Black 60 Shaft and Lamkin Grip ... Learn More

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We've put together packages with our newest and best-selling components that are chosen because our testing shows them to be unbeatable component combinations for playability. What's more, the Club Pak comes complete with heads, shafts, grips and ferrules!

When you receive your order, you can use your expertise to assemble the clubs to your customer's specifications or allow The GolfWorks Professional Club Assembly Team to assemble the Club Pak for you! See below for custom assembly instructions.

Club Pak Includes

  • KE4 Tour TC Adjustable Driver Head
  • UST V2 Black Golf Shaft
  • Lamkin Grip
  • Maltby Headcover
  • KE4 TC Wrench
  • Learn more about the KE4 Tour TC Driver - Click Here
  • Custom Assembly INSTRUCTIONS: If you would like The GolfWorks Professional Assembly Team to custom assemble your KE4 Tour TC premium pack you need to do the following:

    1. Input a request for "Assembly" into the notes section on the checkout page.
    2. Note your desired finished club length - For The GolfWorks recommended standard club lengths click here
    3. Note any special assembly request such as the KE4 TC Adaptor setting or shaft logo up or logo down position

    If you need further assistance please call The GolfWorks Customer Service at (800) 848-8358