Maltby Trouble Out C-Hybrid Chipper Head

Maltby Trouble Out C-Hybrid Chipper Head

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The Trouble C-Hybrid Chipper is a valuable utility club from multiple locations near and around the green. ... Learn More
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The Maltby Trouble Out C-Chipper is a truly unique utility club that allows you to not only chip with a "hybrid" from difficult locations around the green just like the touring pros do but because of the added flat face design, loft and bounce sole design, extends the range of use to bunkers, deep grass and fairway shots. The true hybrid inspired C-Hybrid chipper 345 gram head weight is ideal for 35" to 36" playing lengths increasing the accuracy and control of all shots versus attempting to manipulate another club in your bag to hit a shot that it wasn't designed to execute. Utilizing the wide sole design of the Trouble Out family of utility woods, the C-Chipper is virtually impossible to hit fat eliminating one of the most common miss-hits by golfers. The sharp runners cut through grass while the bounce sole pad keeps the club from digging into turf and sand.


  • Proven Trouble Out bounce sole design helps eliminate fat shots from all turf conditions
  • Is very effective from the fringe, high grass, sand and fairway
  • Head weight of 345 grams is ideal for shorter 35" to 36" lengths to increase accuracy and control
  • True hybrid design allows for full shots into the green.
  • Flat face design improves accuracy over using a standard hybrid with bulge
  • Extremely high MOI vs. standard game improvement chippers and utility clubs
  • Recommended ferrule - 60PI
  • Product Code = MA0271

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