Maltby UFW Fairway Woods

Maltby UFW Fairway Woods

By Maltby | SKU: MA0282
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Maltby UFW Fairway Woods - Premium performance from all turf conditions - Available in #3, #5, #7 and #9 woods. ... Learn More

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UFW Faiway Wood -#3 Wood (15 Degree)
No Longer Available
UFW Faiway Wood -#5 Wood (18 Degree)
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UFW Faiway Wood -#7 Wood (21 Degree)
No Longer Available
UFW Faiway Wood -#9 Wood (24 Degree)
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The Maltby UFW Fairway Woods bring fairway wood performance to an entirely new level. Manufactured from high strength S450 stainless steel to allow for a thinner, VFT (variable face thickness), face design to produce increased ball speeds even when struck off center. The sole plate design features an interchangeable screw weight allowing for customization with custom builds. All discretionary weight has been added to the sole to lower the center of gravity. The low and deep COG location produces a high initial launch angle with a boring trajectory for increased distance and forgiveness.

The external sole design is modernized version of best selling Maltby Trouble Out series bounce sole design. Two precision runners encase a bounce pad that actually prevents the club head from digging into the turf or sand for unparalleled versatility.


  • Precision cast from high strength S450 stainless steel for increased ball speeds
  • VFT face design features a 2.4mm center with a thin 2.0mm face perimeter to increase ball speeds on off center hits
  • Optimal 1.350” face heights on all loft options is ideal for use from off the tee or tight fairways
  • Versatile sole design features two strategically placed runners and a center bounce pad allow for a high penetrating trajectory from divots, hard pan, sand, high grass as well as tightly mowed fairways without fear of hitting a fat shot
  • Interchangeable 8 gram sole weight is located rearward and low on the sole lowering the vertical center gravity to produce high penetrating solid feeling golf shots
  • Additional weights available for fine tuning swingweight and head feel for nearly unlimited custom build options. 2, 4, 6, 10, 12 and 14 gram options available
  • Recommended ferrule - 60PW
  • Product Code - MA0282