Maxfli U/6 Tour Personalized Golf Balls

Personalize Maxfli U/6 Tour Golf Balls - 12 Pack

By Maxfli | SKU: MX15U6P
Personalized Maxfli® U/6 Tour Golf Balls features unrivaled distance, low driver spin and an incredibly straight ball flight ... Learn More

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Blend unrivaled distance and player-preferred control by teeing up U/6 Tour Golf Balls. A new low compression, high energy core generates increased ball speed and unprecedented distance for golfers with average swing speed. An innovative 6-piece construction features 4 mantle layers, which move weight from the core to increase Moment of Inertia and equip Maxfli® U/6 Tour Golf Balls with even lower driver spin and incredibly straight ball flight.


  • Designed to generate increased ball speeds and distance for golfers with average swing speeds
  • New low compression and high energy core provides faster ball speeds and lower spin for extreme distance
  • 4 mantle layers move weight from the core to achieve higher MOI for lower spin and straighter flight
  • New cast urethane cover construction adds durability and is preferred by Tour professionals
  • 336 dimple pattern provides player-preferred penetrating ball flight trajectory
  • 6-piece construction allows for unprecedented control and performance
  • Conforms to USGA Rules
  • 12-Pack