Oversized Iron Impact Decals

Oversized Iron Impact Decals - RH and LH Options

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Knowing exactly where the ball contacts the face of the golf club during impact can eliminate many unknowns in dynamic fitting. ... Learn More
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The GolfWorks Oversized Iron Impact Decals are an absolute must for identifying the correct length of irons for every individual player. Golf shot impact marks that are not consistently in the center of the iron head will lead to a loss of distance and accuracy. Impact decals can also identify issues with the golfer's path and face angle at impact. Golf balls hit solidly with a proper swing path and face angle will leave a round impact mark. Elliptical shaped marks or "fuzzy" impact marks will appear when the club head face angle is not square at impact or the club path is traveling too far from the inside (inside out) or the outside (outside in) of the intended target line.