Paderson Ballistic 110 Graphite .370 Iron Shaft Set

Paderson Ballistic 110 Graphite .370" Iron Shaft Set

By Paderson | SKU: PK0027S
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Paderson Ballistic 110 Graphite .370" parallel Iron Shafts feature a filament wound Vacuum Cured Construction technology that produces round, concentric and spineless golf shafts for incomparable stability, dynamic response and feedback. Fitting the widest array of players and swing types, each shaft profile and flex present a visible, pre-loaded fiber architecture for torsional recovery and attenuation of vibration, for the purest kinetic energy transfer from shaft to clubhead.

PADERSON® KINETIXX® loaded kevlar BALLISTIC series features the worlds only continuous fiber filament wound Kevlar construction technology. Optimizing the extraordinary material properties producing shafts with an incredibly high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, 5x stronger than steel, with 20x the elastic strength.

Each set of 9 shafts consist of #3 thru #9 iron and two wedge shafts.

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