Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 950 .370 Iron Shafts

Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 950 .370" Iron Shafts

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Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 950 .370" Iron Shafts - The most concentric iron shafts in golf for pin point accuracy. ... Learn More


KINETIXX IMRT continuous Kevlar fiber filament wound and vacuum cured golf shafts feature the world’s only pre-loaded visible structural technology. The structural design of the wound fiber controls the fiber tension for reduced vibration creating the purest kinetic energy transfer from golfer to club head than any other shafts on the market.

Kevlar braided fiber offers and incredible high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel and features 20 times more elastic strength. Paderson’s proprietary filament winding process is the only way to take full advantage of the Kevlar materials benefits. Conventional golf shafts are manufactured from pre-formed sheets of composite material rendering the elastic strength and dynamic property benefits of the Kevlar material useless. Paderson’s filament winding process captures all the benefits provided by the Kevlar material to produce a perfectly concentric golf shaft with no spine for increased ball speeds and unparalleled consistency resulting in increased distance, reduced spin and a tighter shot dispersion.

The KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 950 shafts feature balanced strength in the butt and tip quadrants to produce incomparable stability and feedback during the golf swing. This balanced design feature allows the KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 950 shafts to fit the widest array of players an swing types from short to long swings, narrow to wide arcs, hitter and swinger profiles and slow to fast transition speeds and tempos.

KINETIXX IMRT loaded shaft technologies are the worlds only golf club shafts that combine filament winding and table rolling construction methods with a vacuum curing process making Paderson KINETIXX loaded shafts, the most advanced, multi-structure, multi-material, precision tailored high performance composite shafts in the world!


  • Manufactured with Kevlar braided material
  • Filament wound construction for unparalleled consistency
  • Fits a wide array of golfers and swing types
  • Visible fiber performance technology unlike any other shaft.
  • 35.5 to 39" Lengths - Tip pre-prepped 1" - Requires no tip trimming.
  • Available in specific driver, fairway, hybrid and iron shaft designs
  • Available in S and R flexes.
  • X flex available - Allow 10-12 days delivery

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