Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 972 Driver Shafts

Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 972 Driver Shafts

By Paderson | SKU: PK0006
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Paderson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 972 Driver Shaft features a high balance point and reactive tip for more club head speed. ... Learn More

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The Padeson KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 972 Golf Shafts feature a unique filament wound and table rolled construction. Paderson’s proprietary vacuum curing process pre-loads the Kevlar fiber creating energy through tension to create a very reactive tip similar to that of “cracking a whip”. The Kevlar shafts are truly wound for speed and provide an explosive transfer of Kinetic Energy into the club head at impact.

The KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar Shafts are manufactured with a multi structure and material applied by a filament wound process to produce an extremely concentric butt section. The butt section is designed with a visible 3k fiber rhombus grid to create a higher balance point than a typical shaft. This high balance point provides the potential for lighter swingweights or longer finished club lengths to increase club head speed, increase launch angle and produce a center to draw shot dispersion with modern high performance club heads. The mid-tip section of the Kevlar shaft is table rolled using high modulus composite for a very smooth and soft feeling reactive tip. The wound butt-mid section and rolled mid-tip section are then fused together using vacuum curing creating tension to essentially pre-load energy.

The KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar Shafts are ideal for players with a smooth tempo and a smooth transition from the top of the golf swing to increase club head speed from a natural more effortless swing profile.

Kevlar braided fiber offers and incredible high tensile strength-to-weight ratio. Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel and features 20 times more elastic strength. Paderson’s proprietary filament winding process is the only way to take full advantage of the Kevlar materials benefits. Conventional golf shafts are manufactured from pre-formed sheets of composite material rendering the elastic strength and dynamic property benefits of the Kevlar material useless. Paderson’s filament winding process captures all the benefits provided by the Kevlar material to produce a perfectly concentric golf shaft with no spine for increased ball speeds and unparalleled consistency resulting in increased distance, reduced spin and a tighter shot dispersion.

KINETIXX IMRT loaded shaft technologies are the worlds only golf club shafts that combine filament winding and table rolling construction methods with a vacuum curing process making Paderson KINETIXX loaded shafts, the most advanced, multi-structure, multi-material, precision tailored high performance composite shafts in the world!


  • Manufactured with filament wound Kevlar braided and high modulus table rolled material.
  • Filament wound butt section construction for unparalleled consistency.
  • Table rolled tip section for a reactive tip and smooth feel.
  • Visible fiber performance technology unlike any other shaft.
  • Driver Shaft 46", Fairway Shaft 43", Hybrid Shaft 42"
  • Tip pre-prepped 1" - Requires no tip trimming.
  • Available in specific driver, fairway, hybrid and iron shaft designs
  • Available in X, S and R flexes.
  • Additional A flex available - Allow 10-12 days delivery

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