Parallel Iron Ferrules .370 (12 Pack)

Parallel Iron Ferrules .370" (12 Pack)

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59PI - Black (.370")
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60PI - Black (.370")
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101PI - Black (.370")
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74PI - Black (.370")
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102PI - Black (.370")
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88PI - Black (.370")
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61PI - Black (.370")
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Black Iron Ferrule Specifications

The GolfWorks premium black .370" iron ferrules have been updated to include ferrules with modern lengths and outside diameters to fit a wide variety of iron heads and will require very little, if any, turning down. All of The GolfWorks ferrules are Pre Washed with high gloss finish and have a 19 degree countersink allowing a cushion of epoxy to form between the top of the hosel and the inside of the ferrule to prevent shaft breakage.