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This page is strictly for informational purposes only. If you would like this service please call 1-800-848-8358.

SST PURE Shaft Alignment, the leading golf shaft alignment technology on the PGA Tour and around the world, is available for the first time through The GolfWorks! SST PURE identifies asymmetries that exist in every golf shaft and locates each shaft's most stable orientation. This results in more consistent performance and uniform feel from club to club. You will see and feel the difference immediately!

PUREing Structural Analysis Graph

A Shaft Analysis Sheet comes with each golf shaft or golf club that is PURE aligned. A perfectly round and perfectly straight shaft would be a straight line on the 1.00 axis on the above chart. The "Before" and "After" charts indicate the golf shaft's oscillation and other properties pre and post-PUREing. These are included with each shaft, providing visual confirmation of the improved symmetry with the PURE position neutral to the target.

Before PUREing Graph Before PUREing
After PUREing Graph After PUREing

Service Types

Individual Shaft PUREing

New, in-stock golf shaft purchased from GolfWorks

Repair Code: PUREIN | Price: $21.00

New, un-cut, non-stock golf shaft not purchased from The GolfWorks

Shaft Tip Prep and Butt Trimming

(Club head required prior to PUREing)

Repair Code: RSPPEC | Price: $4.95

Allow 2-3 weeks delivery

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PUREing Logo It is not possible to align screen logos on graphite or steel golf shafts that have received the PUREing process. PUREing may also result in screen logos not being uniform in location. This condition is a distinct indication that the golf clubs have been PUREd.∂

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