Putter Butter Golf Club Protector

Putter Butter Plus Golf Club Protector - 2 oz.

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Putter Butter Plus is a proprietary formula developed specifically to protect and restore iron, wedge and putter heads from rust, corrosion and fertilizer. Putter Butter Plus is a concentrated version of the original Putter Butter requiring only a small amount to properly protect any club head. Simply apply 2 pumps of Putter Butter Plus and wipe using a clean dry cloth. Putter Butter Plus will not leave an oily residue after drying and protects all types of finishes such as chrome, PVD, DBM and even raw carbon steel wedges. There is no need to use messy and short lived WD-40 or baby oil on your clubs anymore, Putter Butter last longer and is specifically formulated to repel moisture in even the most humid conditions to keep your expensive golf clubs clean from surface rust and tarnish. Putter Butter Plus will not harm paint fill.


  • Helps protect and restore finishes
  • Won't harm paint fill
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Protects club heads from golf course fertilizer
  • Works great on carbon steel and stainless steel club heads
  • Works on all types of finishes and raw heads
  • Condensed formula 2 oz. pump spray is enough for up to 200 applications
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  • Made in USA

NOTE: Cannot be shipped by Air Freight

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