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Golf Practice Aids

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Orlimar Trak-it Putting Mat

The Orlimar Trak-it putting mat provides instant feedback of the direction of every putt for improved practice.


SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

The SkyPro is a new way to improve your golf swing or putting stroke.

The Impact Bag

The Only Way to Ingrain the Proper Impact Location Into Your Muscle Memory.

Maxfli Alignment Poles

Maxfli Alignment Poles with Pole Positioning Cradle for Exact Alignment

Maxfli 39" Chipping Basket

Maxfli 39" Chipping Basket with Multiple Internal Targets for Improved Chipping Accuracy

Maxfli 3' x 5' Hitting Mat

Maxfli 3' x 5' Hitting Mat with 3/8" Foam Backing

Maxfli Rough and Fairway Mat

Maxfli 2' x 2' Rough and Fairway Mat - Different Grass Lengths to Simulate Actual Golf Course Conditions

Maxfli 3' x 5' Armacell Hitting Mat

The Maxfli 3' x 5' Hitting Mat Rest on a Very Durable and Thick Armecell Backing for a Course Like Feel

Maxfli Weighted Swing Trainer

The Maxfli Weighted Swing Trainer Teaches Proper Grip and Wrist Action While Strengthening the Golf Specific Muscles

Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Sticks

The Maxfli Collapsible Alignment Sticks are Designed to Improve Alignment and Swing Path

Maxfli Putt Cup With Flag

The Maxfli Putt Cup With Flag is a Regulation Size Putting Cup with an Added Visual Target to Improve Putting

Putting Mat with Auto Return

Putting Mat with Automatic Ball Return


Maxfli Dual Hazard 9' Putting Mat

Step up your putting game with the Performance Series Automatic Return extended length (9') Putting Mat

Maxfli Dual Turf Height Hitting Mat

Maxfli Dual Turf Height Hitting Mat, the Perfect Mat for Simulating Both Fairway and Rough Turf Conditions

Maxfli Automatic Ball Return

The Maxfli Automatic Ball Return is Ideal for Use in Home or at the Office.

Maxfli Flag Pole with Cup

The Maxfli Flag Pole with Cup is Ideal for Backyard Chipping and Short Iron Practice.

Maxfli Oversized Golf Net

The Maxfli Oversized Golf Net is 9' Wide By 7' Tall and 5' Deep for the Ultimate Practice Experience

Maxfli 23" Chipping Net

The Maxfli 23" Chipping Net is Designed to Improve Your Short Game

Maxfli Practice Wiffle Balls - 18 Pack

Maxfli Practice Wiffle Balls With Mesh Bag - 18 Pack

Maxfli Soft Practice Balls - 18 Pack

Maxfli Yellow Dimple Soft Practice Balls - Soft Short Flight Balls. 18 Pack

Maxfli 9' X12" Automatic Putting Mat

Build precision on the putting surface with the Automatic Putting Mat

Maxfli Performance Series 1' x 2' Hitting Mat

Elevate on-course performance by training with the Performance Series Hitting Mat

Maxfli Dual Practice Chipping Net

Fine-tune your short game with the Dual Practice Chipping Net.

Top-Flite Super Range Restricted Flight Golf Balls

Top-Flite Restricted Flight Range Golf Balls - Premium range ball provides normal ball flight patterns only at 30% less distance.

Impact Marking Decals

Know exactly where and how the ball contacts the club face!

Floor Putting Mirror

This is a brilliantly simple training device for checking your putting stroke and alignment

Putter Impact Marking Decals

Not only helps to fit for putter length, also a great tool in helping selecting the best putter for each individual

Oversized Iron Impact Decals

Knowing exactly where the ball contacts the face of the golf club during impact can eliminate many unknowns in dynamic fitting.

Oversized Driver Impact Decals

Vital tool for custom fitting driver length

Lie Angle Impact Decals

A nice professional touch to any golf iron fitting.

Mens Golf Training Grip

The Training grip teaches proper hand and finger positioning for the ideal golf grip.

David Leadbetter Training Grips

The Leadbetter Training grip helps golfers learn the mechanics and feel of proper hand placement through repetition and muscle memory.

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