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The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Tour Set Plus Epoxy

Formulated to match the peel and shear strength of premium 3M(r) epoxies only with more elastic qualities specifically needed for proper golf club head/shaft adhesion, at about half the cost.

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp safely clamps all golf shafts and is easily adjustable for clamping any shaft diameter

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength High Impact Epoxy

The Maximum Strength High Impact epoxy is formulated for the high volume clubmaker to gel in approximately 1 hour. NOTE: An Epoxy Gun and 2:1 Plunger are required for proper dispensing.

Ping i25, G25 & Anser Shaft Adaptor

Factory Authentic Ping i25, G25 and Anser Shaft Adaptor Sleeve

Steel Shaft Butt Extensions

Use these steel shaft butt extensions to extend steel shafts for increased club lengths.

The GolfWorks Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor

We've taken our most popular Graphite Shaft Extractor and made it better

The GolfWorks Golf Club Swingweight Scale

The GolfWorks Swingweight and Components Scale! The Industry Standard SwingWeight Scale!

The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack

The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack (Qty 30) allows you to install a rib inside any golf grip creating a “reminder” that will guarantee correct and consistent hand placement.

Hosel Honing Wire Brush

The easiest way to clean out hosels. Just insert into a drill for best results

The GolfWorks Extension Adhesive

The Extension Adhesive is a very strong, quick setting adhesive that features a slightly thicker viscosity and cures less brittle than most standard golf club shafting epoxy.

Callaway Advanced Opti-Force Shaft Adaptor

Factory Authentic Callaway Advanced Opti-Force Shaft Adaptor for Most Callaway Adjustable Club Heads.

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy is the ONLY 5 minute epoxy available recommended for standard club assembly

The GolfWorks Economy Swingweight Scale

Inexpensive Tool to Measure swingweight quickly and accurately.

Ping G Series Shaft Adaptor

Factory Authentic Ping G Series Shaft Adaptor for the Ping G30 , G400 Series Driver and Fairway Woods. Also Fits the Ping G30 SF Tech, LS Tech and Rhapsody Driver.

The GolfWorks Fast Shaft Extractor

Our finest golf shaft extractor, designed for the high-volume club repair shop

The GolfWorks G Series Driver Head Weights

After Market Ping G30 Interchangeable Driver Head Weights - Fits the G30, G, G SF-Tech and LS-Tech Drivers and faiways.

Spiral Fluted Reamers

High Strength Steel Spiral Fluted Reamers for Woods and Irons.

The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover

Safely removes grips from any golf club allowing the grip to be re-used.

Putter Hosel Bending Bar

Safely bend putters with hosels made from any type of metal.

Lead Foil Tape

Ideal for fitting, use lead foil tape as temporary weight on the back of both wood and iron clubs to achieve correct total weight and swingweight.

Electric Heat Gun

A great value! Complete kit for safely heating golf clubs for shaft extraction.

The Golfworks Grip Solvent

This economical solvent activates all solvent-activated tapes. PLEASE NOTE: Cannot Ship Via Air Service. No Ground Shipping to HI or AK.

Tapered Spiral Fluted Reamer for .355" Tapered Hosels

Spiral Fluted Reamer - .355" Tapered

Universal OEM Adaptor Torque Wrench

The Universal Adaptor Torque Wrench Fits Most OEM Driver Heads with Adjustable Hosels.

OEM Adaptor Saver Kit

Easily Remove OEM Adjustable Shaft Sleeves Without Damage!

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy - 8oz (2qty - 4oz. Bottles)

Lead Counterweights for Steel Shafts

A Must Have Tool for Professionally Fine Tuning Golf Clubs

Graphite Shaft Extensions

The GolfWorks offers graphite extensions for standard or ultralite shafts.

The GolfWorks V-Line SwingWeight Scale

Measures swingweight quickly and accurately.

Flexclean Epoxy Mixing Board

The GolfWorks FlexClean Re-Usable Epoxy Mixing Boards

The GolfWorks Premium Utility Knife

Industrial Strength Utility Knife with Ergonomic Handle and Fast Change Blade Option. Includes 6 Hook Blades

Multi Purpose Finishing Block

Perfect for removing minor scratches from stainless steel heads or cleaning up the face of a sandblasted iron.

The RollBoard

The RollBoard, Designed by Guerin Rife, Allows You to Dial In the Loft of a Putter to Maximize Both Distance and Control

The GolfWorks Golf Grip Tape Stripper

This handy tool saves you time and energy when stripping grip tape off a club.

The GolfWorks Broken Graphite Shaft Extractor

A handy tool to easily remove graphite shafts broken off at the hosel.

The GolfWorks Hosel Honing Tools

Great product for cleaning the inside of the hosel.

The GolfWorks Grip Saver

A must have tool for removing shaft rattles and adding powdered weight down a golf shaft.

Grip Shooter Replacement Needles

Replacement Grip Shooter Needles for Pressurized Grip Remover - 5 Pack

Maltby Club Length Ruler

The Maltby Design Ruler is the most accurate club length ruler ever made, specifically designed for the club maker that demands perfection.

Universal Grip Gauge

Measures all three important gripping dimensions — grip size, shaft butt size, and grip size under the right hand.

Utility Knife w/Hook Blades

A sensational new package that covers all your cutting needs.

Grip Bore Cleaner

Clean tape and residue from inside the grip before reinstalling.

Exact Measure Tool

Designed for custom clubmakers, use this tool to obtain consistently accurate measurements for tip and length trimming.

Shaft Butt Weight Ports

A great tool for counterbalancing steel shafted woods, irons and putters.

The Ultimate Grip Installer Tool

Makes installing grips on any shaft, regardless of the shaft butt diameter, a cinch!

The GolfWorks Air Powered Golf Grip Remover/Installer

The GolfWorks Air Powered Golf Grip Remover and Installation Tool.

Epoxy-Gon - Epoxy Cleaning Solvent

Epoxy-Gon Epoxy Cleaning Solvent in both pre moistened wipes and spray bottle

The GolfWorks 48" Stand Up Ruler

The GolfWorks 48" Stand Up Ruler can be adjusted to any lie angle for quick club length measurements.

Economy Ferrule Installer Tool

The most economical solutions for installing tight fitting ferrules onto golf shafts.

The GolfWorks Quick Center Shafting Beads

Eliminate off-center shaft assembly and ensure a proper epoxy bond with our Quik Center assembly aid.

TaylorMade 28 Count Weight Kit

TaylorMade 28 Count Weight Kit with Soft Case.

The GolfWorks Rescoring Tool

Best Selling Groove Tool! Repair grooves and regain spin!

The GolfWorks Lie Angle Board

Check dynamic lie by hitting a ball off this mat - the black rubber leaves a mark on the sole where it contacts the ground.

Epoxy Applicator and Mixing Sticks

The GolfWorks Epoxy Applicator Sticks (100 count) specifically sized to fit inside golf club hosels.

Rhino rip Grip Cutter

Safe and efficient grip removal tool. The Rhino grip will quickly and safely remove any style grip.

Ferrule and Shaft Prepping Tool

The GolfWorks Ferrule and Shaft Finishing Tool

Bench Mount Shaft Holder

Secures to the front of your workbench and saves shafts and clubs from toppling over.

The GolfWorks 48" Aluminum Golf Club Ruler

This ruler not only measures shaft length, it tells you how to do the job!

Deluxe Heavy Duty Shaft Clamp

More grip and longer lasting than lesser quality rubber shaft clamps

Rubber Shaft Clamp

This clamp is an absolute necessity for safely securing clubs into a vise for re-gripping and re-shafting.

Professional Metal Sided Shaft Clamp

This durable, heavy duty professional shaft clamp is easy to use.

Double Bend Putter Assembly Jig

The GolfWorks Double Bend Assembly Jig takes all the guess” work out of those difficult double bend putter assembly jobs.

Viewing 1 - 62 of 62