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The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp safely clamps all golf shafts and is easily adjustable for clamping any shaft diameter

Hosel Honing Wire Brush

The easiest way to clean out hosels. Just insert into a drill for best results

The GolfWorks Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor

We've taken our most popular Graphite Shaft Extractor and made it better

The GolfWorks Graphite Shaft Extractor

Graphite golf shaft removal made easy.

Value Shaft Extractor

Ideal for the hobbyist or small repair shop to properly extract graphite golf shafts

Golf Mechanix Manual Shaft Spine Finder

The Golf Mechanix Manual Shaft Spine Finder provides a quick and accurate method for locating golf shaft spines

Golf Mechanix Heavy Duty Shaft Extractor

The Golfmechanix Heavy Duty shaft extractor is a design engineered for maximum pulling power

The GolfWorks Fast Shaft Extractor

Our finest golf shaft extractor, designed for the high-volume club repair shop

Spiral Fluted Reamers

High Strength Steel Spiral Fluted Reamers for Woods and Irons.

True Temper SensiCore Inserts

Improve the feel in your irons...your hands, your elbows, and your back. 8 Per Pack

Electric Heat Gun

A great value! Complete kit for safely heating golf clubs for shaft extraction.

Golf Mechanix Dust-Contained Shaft Cutter

The Golf Mechanix Dust-Contained Shaft Cutter was designed specifically for clubmakers, Tour Van operators and quality control labs.

Golf Mechanix Head to Shaft Drying Clip

The Golf Mechanix Head to Shaft Drying Clips are used to keep spine-aligned and logo-aligned clubs together until set.

Tapered Spiral Fluted Reamer for .355" Tapered Hosels

Spiral Fluted Reamer - .355" Tapered

OEM Adaptor Saver Kit

Easily Remove OEM Adjustable Shaft Sleeves Without Damage!

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions available in 11 different sizes.

Maltby Laser Frequency Machine

The Maltby Design Laser Frequency Machine is a valuable tool for clubmakers to consistently measure shaft frequency of both assembled clubs and raw shafts.

The GolfWorks Brass Adaptor Shims

This is, without question, the best solution to fitting shafts into larger hosels. Keep a selection in your toolbox and you'll never be without a solution!

The GolfWorks 1" x 30" Belt Sander

The GolfWorks Belt Sander uses popular 1" x 30" belts, ideal for the small volume shop or hobbyist - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

Auditor MOI Speed Match System

The Auditor 3Gen Golf Club MOI Speed Match System is the clubmakers go to instrument for measuring assembled golf club MOI.

Golf Mechanix 3 in 1 Bench Mount Ruler

Golf Mechanix 3 in 1 Bench Mount Ruler and Conformance Gauge

Golf Mechanix Solvent Dispenser

Golf Mechanix Solvent Dispenser

Auditor Reference Frequency Analyser

Auditor Reference Frequency Analyser

Golf Mechanix Shaft Adaptor FLO Tracer

Golf Mechanix Shaft Adaptor Laser FLO Tracer

Golf Mechanix Chucked Tip Weight and FLO Tracer

The Golf Mechanix 205 gram Chucked Tip Weight and Laser FLO Tracer

Brass Shims - Tapered .355" to .370"

The best way to install .355" tapered shafts into .370" parallel hosel bores.

Graphite Shaft Extensions

The GolfWorks offers graphite extensions for standard or ultralite shafts.

Brass Tip Weight Plugs

The same tip weights that major manufacturers use for swingweighting.

The GolfWorks Broken Graphite Shaft Extractor

A handy tool to easily remove graphite shafts broken off at the hosel.

The GolfWorks Hosel Honing Tools

Great product for cleaning the inside of the hosel.

The GolfWorks Grip Saver

A must have tool for removing shaft rattles and adding powdered weight down a golf shaft.

Club Shield Paste Gel

Non Toxic Paste that safeguards vital parts of the golf club that can be destroyed by heat or open flames.

Heavy Duty 44 1/2" Ram Rod

Ram Rod used for internal heating and driving stubborn iron heads off the shaft

The GolfWorks Hosel Cleaning System

The GolfWorks hosel cleaning system is ideal for all hosel cleaning necessities.

Drill Master 18V Cordless Drill

Drill Master 18V Cordless Drill

Drill Bits

Choose from a large variety of sizes of standard and High Strength Steel drill bits

The GolfWorks 48" Stand Up Ruler

The GolfWorks 48" Stand Up Ruler can be adjusted to any lie angle for quick club length measurements.

Hosel Cleaning & Abrading Sanding Sleeves

Quick and easy way to clean and abrade the inside of hosels for woods, irons and putters!

Self-Centering Graphite Shaft Tip Cleaner

Safely Remove Epoxy from Graphite Shaft Tips

Fast Extract Complete Kit

Tool threads into broken steel shaft and pulls our the hosel remnant. Gets you out of a bind!

Metal Wood Replacement Bore Plugs

Serves as a replacement for manufacturer's plugs. Prevents epoxy from working its way into the clubhead, causing rattles.

Pro Plus Butane Micro Torch

The Most Powerful & Stable Butane Flame For The Job. Produces the power of a propane torch in the palm of your hand.

The GolfWorks Reshafting Kit

Save Over $150! Everything you need for building and repairing golf clubs - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

Aluminum Hosel Protector

Universal in size, protects club heads from heat during shaft removal.

Universal Clubmakers Vise System

The ultimate clubmaking workbench tool set! A complete vise system for reshafting, regripping and many other clubmaking chores - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

The GolfWorks 48" Aluminum Golf Club Ruler

This ruler not only measures shaft length, it tells you how to do the job!

The GolfWorks Cut-Off, Chop Saw

The GolfWorks High Speed Cut-Off machine will easily cut any graphite or steel shaft - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

1" x 42" Belt Sander + Cut-Off Wheel

The GolfWorks industrial 1"x42" belt sander plus cut off wheel will handle all of your shaft cutting and prepping needs - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

Drill Bit Set with Holder

A set of the most commonly used drill bits complete with a sturdy holder conveniently marked with each bit size.

Blue Away - Metal Polish

Removes discoloration from over heating on chrome or stainless iron and wood hosels quickly and easilyPLEASE NOTE: Cannot Ship Via Air Service. No Ground Shipping to HI or AK.Removes discoloration from over heating on chrome or stainless iron and wood hos

Simichrome Polish

Removes the blueing from chrome or stainless hosels discolored during reshafting. PLEASE NOTE: Cannot Ship Via Air Service. No Ground Shipping to HI or AK.

Small Repair Parts and Shim Kit

Shims, pins, plugs and split ferrules. Every thing needed for difficult reshaft jobs! Kit includes 128 pcs in an convenient compartment box.

Pro Torch - Butane Micro Torch

"Inexpensive alternative to LPT500 Pro-Torch. Uses same fuel. Handy Size. PLEASE NOTE: Cannot Ship Via Air Service. No Ground Shipping to HI or AK. "

Mini Extension Cutting Hack Saw

GolfWorks Mini Extension Saw cuts all plastic, graphite, wood and aluminum golf shaft extensions

Heavy Duty Chucking Handle

Heavy Duty Chucking Handle for Hosel Reamers and Extractor Bits

Tapered Tip Iron Ferrules . .355"

65TI Single - Black Std .355" Iron Ferrule

Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe Weighting System

Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe Weighting System to enhance the performance of irons, woods and putters.

The GolfWorks 44 1/2" Ram Rod

For removing stubborn heads while reshafting.

Hand Held Golf Shaft Cutter

Cuts any graphite or steel shaft!

Lock-Tight Shaft Clamp

The best tool to safely clamp any size steel golf shaft

48" Bench Mount Ruler

Extremely convenient. Mounts to side of workbench for easy access

Deluxe Heavy Duty Shaft Clamp

More grip and longer lasting than lesser quality rubber shaft clamps

Graphite Shaft Extractor Bar

Quickly and conveniently remove graphite shafts.

Bore Through Shaft Pins

These pins are specifically designed for finishing graphite and steel shafts used on bore-through wood heads.

Rubber Shaft Clamp

This clamp is an absolute necessity for safely securing clubs into a vise for re-gripping and re-shafting.

Clubmakers Vise Graphite Shaft Extractor

An economical, yet durable shaft extractor with a constant 4-in clamp pressure.

The GolfWorks Shop Apron

Protect your clothes with this attractive, durable shop apron.

Rubber Vise Pads

Vertical and horizontal grooves in each pad help to hold shafts, high-lofted woods and hard-to-secure heads.

Carbide Deburring Balls and Countersinks

Greatly reduces graphite shaft breakage!

Grit Edge Blade

A special blade great for cutting graphite and fiber shafts!

44 1/2" RAM ROD

For removing stubborn heads for reshafting.

Super Lock Tight Shaft Holder

A heavy-duty version of the Original Lock Tight. The clamping surface is lengthened for added gripping power.

7" Replacement Cut Off Wheel

7" Replacement Cut Off Wheel

Professional Metal Sided Shaft Clamp

This durable, heavy duty professional shaft clamp is easy to use.

Micro Grip Prepping Belts

Safely remove paint from graphite shafts without cutting fibers. Available in 1" x 30 and 1" x 42" belts.

48" Heating Rod

For internal shaft heating and removing stubborn heads for reshafting.

Self-Stick Ruler

Adhesive backed 48"" ruler sticks to a workbench for handy shaft and club length measurement.

Golf Club Iron Ferrules - Colored Trim Ring

52PI Single - Black/Chrome Std .370" Iron Ferrule

Collared Golf Club Ferrules

Collared Ferrules for woods and irons are designed for use with graphite golf shafts.

Norax Shaft Prepping Belt

Used to sand the tips of graphite shafts for reshafting. Ideal for removing the polyurethane coating without cutting any fibers. 1" x 42" Belt

Shaft Driving Plug

Prevents bending, peening or damaging of the butt end of shafts.

Broken Screw/Shaft Extractor Set

This set of five extractors will cover needs ranging from removing broken shafts from hosels to extracting soleplate or insert screws.

1" x 42" Professional Sanding Machine

This 1"x42" belt model is ideal for turning ferrules and roughing golf shaft tips

Reaming and Boring Vise

Hold heads for reaming or boring with the non-marring aluminum clamping jaws.

Double Bend Putter Assembly Jig

The GolfWorks Double Bend Assembly Jig takes all the guess” work out of those difficult double bend putter assembly jobs.

Handheld Ferrule Installer

Economical yet effective tool to install ferrules.


6" Measuring Scale

Handy, pocket-sized scale for quick and easy measurements of a variety of club specifications.

Opti-Vibe Dual Tool

Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe Dual Tool

Viewing 1 - 89 of 89