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Clubmaking Tools & Supplies

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The GolfWorks Golf Club Swingweight Scale

The GolfWorks Swingweight and Components Scale! The Industry Standard SwingWeight Scale!

The GolfWorks Industry Standard Grip Tape

The industry standard tape for installing slip-on or leather grips.

Callaway Advanced Opti-Force Shaft Adaptor

Factory Authentic Callaway Advanced Opti-Force Shaft Adaptor for Most Callaway Adjustable Club Heads.

Maltby Iron/Hybrid Bending Machine

The Maltby Iron / Hybrid Bending Machine will quickly and accurately bend any iron and also safely bend most hybrid models.

The GolfWorks Grip Essentials Kit

An Outstanding Clubmaking Value! All the supplies needed for regripping!

Universal Golf Shaft Extensions

The Universal Shaft extensions will work with almost any steel or graphite shaft.

The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack

The GolfWorks Grip Rib Pack (Qty 30) allows you to install a rib inside any golf grip creating a “reminder” that will guarantee correct and consistent hand placement.

Steel Shaft Butt Extensions

Use these steel shaft butt extensions to extend steel shafts for increased club lengths.

Graphite Shaft Extensions

The GolfWorks offers graphite extensions for standard or ultralite shafts.

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp

The GolfWorks Quick Shaft Clamp safely clamps all golf shafts and is easily adjustable for clamping any shaft diameter

The GolfWorks Gripping Station

Save valuable time and improve consistency of your regrips with the GolfWorks all inclusive Gripping Station.

Brampton Technology HF100 Grip Solvent

Nontoxic, nonflammable and odorless solvent that is reusable.

The GolfWorks Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor

We've taken our most popular Graphite Shaft Extractor and made it better

Hosel Honing Wire Brush

The easiest way to clean out hosels. Just insert into a drill for best results

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy is the ONLY 5 minute epoxy available recommended for standard club assembly

Ping G Series Shaft Adaptor

Factory Authentic Ping G Series Shaft Adaptor for the Ping G30 , G400 Series Driver and Fairway Woods. Also Fits the Ping G30 SF Tech, LS Tech and Rhapsody Driver.

Pressurized Golf Grip Remover

Quick, easy way to remove a large number of reusable golf grips!

The GolfWorks V-Groove Grip Remover

Safely removes grips from any golf club allowing the grip to be re-used.

The GolfWorks V-Line SwingWeight Scale

Measures swingweight quickly and accurately.

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy

The GolfWorks Maximum Strength Quick Set Epoxy - 8oz (2qty - 4oz. Bottles)

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions

Premium Graphite Shaft Extensions available in 11 different sizes.

The GolfWorks Brass Adaptor Shims

This is, without question, the best solution to fitting shafts into larger hosels. Keep a selection in your toolbox and you'll never be without a solution!

The GolfWorks 1" x 30" Belt Sander

The GolfWorks Belt Sander uses popular 1" x 30" belts, ideal for the small volume shop or hobbyist - Please Note: Additional shipping charges required due to weight.

TaylorMade M1, M2, R-15 & SLDR Shaft Adaptor

Factory Authentic TaylorMade M1, M2, R-15 and SLDR Shaft Adaptor. Available in TP .335 RH and LH options.

The GolfWorks Broken Graphite Shaft Extractor

A handy tool to easily remove graphite shafts broken off at the hosel.

The GolfWorks Tour Set Plus Epoxy

All the convenience and bonding strength of the standard Tour Set, but with a gel time of 25-35 minutes.

HIgh Density Lead Foil Tape

30% heavier than standard lead tape, High Density Lead Tape is adhesive backed and can be applied quickly.

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