SHAFTS Trimming Instructions for BiMatrx Shafts

Driver Shaft: Butt Cut Only - do not tip trim!
Fairway Wood Shaft: Butt Cut Only - do not tip trim!

The steel tip section of the BiMatrx shaft is a lightweight alloy steel that True Temper recommends using sanding belts of 150 grit or finer for abrading the tip of the shaft prior to installation.

DO NOT dimple or crimp the tip of this shaft, it will cause the tip of the shaft to split.

NOTE: Due to the unique design of the BiMatrx golf shaft, its balance point is located closer to the shaft tip than any other graphite shaft of the same weight. However, because the BiMatrx shaft weighs 75 grams, the total weight of a golf club assembled with a BiMatrx shaft will be very similar to one assembled with a lightweight graphite shaft. The result is a revolutionary shaft that gives you the best of both worlds - the distance of graphite and the control of steel.