The GolfWorks 1 x 30 Shaft Cutter & Ferrule Turning Machine

The GolfWorks 1" x 30" Shaft Cutter and Belt Sander

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The GolfWorks Compact 1" x 30" Shaft Cutter and Belt Sander ... Learn More
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Replacement Cut Off Wheels for GW1120

Replacement Cut Off Wheels for GW1120

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Compact Shaft Cutter And Ferrule Prep-ping Centre The GolfWorks 1" x 30" Shaft Cutter and Belt Sander is ideal for the small workshop or the occasional clubmaker but is powerful enough for high volume repair shops. Clean and compact with the power to easily cut steel and graphite shafts. The attached 1" x 30" belt sander can be used to abraid any shaft and the power to turn down any size ferrule prior to finishing.


  • High Torque 1/3 Hp 3400 RPM motor
  • 1" x 30" belt driven at 3525 ft/min
  • Spring tensioned belt with quick release lever for quick belt changes
  • Safety Guard surrounds belt
  • Dust discharge port allows for a vacuum attachment to eliminate graphite dust
  • Adjustable ferrule turning arm
  • Super thin, low dust, high efficiency 6” cut off disc (GW1120RW) included
  • Fast cutting action at 5287 ft/min
  • Spring loaded shaft clamp prevents unwanted shaft spinning
  • Shaft tipping scale with clear markings
  • Motor frame is mounted onto vibration dampers to reduce noise and stabilize motor
  • Can be bench or stand mounted
  • Recommended ferrule turning belt (GW1066)
  • Recommended shaft prepping belt (SB3 Coarse)
  • Additional replacement wheels available (GW1120RW)

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    The GolfWorks Compact 1

    The GolfWorks Compact 1