The GolfWorks Assembly Kit-GW2022

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Everything you need for assembling golf clubs. After many inquiries as to what tools are truly needed to assemble any golf club, we created this complete package of tools and machines at great savings. Nowhere else can you purchase so many great tools and machines for a low, low price!

Tools and Supplies included:

  • Swingweight Scale
  • 4 Gram Tip Weights (iron)
  • 2 Gram Tip Weights (iron)
  • 2 Gram Tip Weights (wood)
  • 4 Gram Tip Weights (graphite)
  • 48" Club Length Ruler
  • Shaft/Tube Cutter
  • Mini Hacksaw
  • Rubber Shaft Clamp
  • Rubber Grip Clamp
  • Wood Ferrules
  • Iron Ferrules
  • Ferrule Installer
  • Ferrule/Shaft Prepper
  • Tour Set Shafting Epoxy
  • Epoxy Cleaning Solvent
  • Double Sided Grip Tape
  • Grip Solvent
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