The GolfWorks Premium Utility Knife

Industrial Utility Knife with 5 Hook Blades -

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Industrial Strength Utility Knife with Ergonomic Handle and Fast Change Blade Option. Includes 6 Hook Blades ... Learn More
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Hook Blades - 5 Pack

Hook Blade replacements for GolfWorks Utility Knife (GWUK)

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The GolfWorks Industrial Strength Utility Knife is a heavy duty ergonomically designed utility knife built to last through years of service. The Fast Change Blade option allows for blades to be changed with a quick twist of blade locking switch eliminating the need to disassemble the knife to simply replace the blade. Each knife comes with an installed hook blade and a standard blade for general cutting. Also included are 5 additional hook blades (GWUKRHB). The handle has a an easily accessible compartment for storing extra blades

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GolfWorks Premium Utility Knife