The GolfWorks Quick-Grip - Grip Installer

The GolfWorks Quick-Grip

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The GolfWorks Quick Grip is a must have tool for any repair shop. ... Learn More
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Quick Grip Replacement Clips

Quick Grip Replacement Clips

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Quick-Grip Vise Adaptor

Quick Grip Vise Mount adaptor allows you to place the Quick Grip tool in your bench-mounted vise for easy access and easy use.

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The GolfWorks Quick Grip is a must have tool for any custom golf club repair shop. Originally designed as a method to install rubber grips onto ultra light weight (65 grams and less) and expensive graphite shafts to prevent any chance of damaging the shaft due to over tightening of the shaft clamp, the GolfWorks Quick Grip soon became our favorite method for installing rubber grips onto all types of golf clubs. Quick and easy to use the Quick Grip keeps your hands free of grip solvent and produces identical grip lengths and grip sizes throughout the set. The Quick Grip can be bench mounted or used with the optional Quick Grip Vise Adaptor (GW1037).

></p> <p><ul><li>Recommended grip installation method for installing grips onto    ultra light weight shafts. Eliminates chance of shaft being damaged    by over tightening in a clamp or vise.  <li>Consistent grip sizes and installed grip lengths.   <li>Durable enough for high volume shops.  <li>Compact design doesn’t take up much bench space.  <li>Solvent never touches your hands.  <li>Can be mounted directly to work bench or used with optional    vise mount attachment (GW1037)  <li>Excess solvent flows through attached tube for disposal or re-use.  <li>Best used with GolfWorks Aerosol Grip Solvent (NFGA)</ul></p> <b>*Note – The quick grip will not install wrapped two piece   synthetic grips that are secured by tape.</b> </div> </div><!-- tab-content --> </div> <div data-bv-show=