The Grip Master Dual Hybrid Leather Putter Grips

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The Dual Hybrid multi-color putter grips from The Grip Master uses premium grade Cabretta gloving leather to make this high performance hand sewn and laced grip. Along with the great feel and performance from the Cabretta leather, the hand lacing of the Dual Hybrid grip creates a subtle reminder rib on the back of the grip.

Genuine Cabretta leather has that feel that cannot be duplicated with man-made materials.

If you're looking for a grip that will wear in and not wear out. A grip that will grip in all weather conditions, rain hail and shine then you should get serious and play the world's finest handcrafted leather grips. Torsional loading, stability, weight-strength ratio, dampening, consistent traction, leather breathes and is long wearing. Our premium hand made leather's are the finest available and tanned by the world's best tanners to our exacting standards. We have mastered the art and science of selecting the right leather and turning it into a handmade high performance golf grip that outperforms any other. Premium leather has a feel that cannot be duplicated with man-made materials. Touch promotes confidence, as it offers real feedback. Get in TOUCH with your best game, Play Leather!


  • Manufactured from Premium Cabretta Leather
  • Attractive 2 color Red/Black and Tan/Black color options.
  • All weather performance
  • Longer lasting than synthetic or rubber grips
  • Medium tackiness
  • Handmade and laced

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The Grip Master DH Putter Grips

The Grip Master Genuine Leather Grips

  • Genuine leather is a natural product with natural variances
  • Each skin is tanned to the highest standards
  • Any scars or marks are not defects but a confirmation it is genuine leather
  • Any leather grip that comes into contact with moisture may result in some color rub off onto hand, glove or clothing. This is natural for this type of grip
  • All Grip Master grips are made and assembled by hand to the highest standards
  • Never use detergents or polish on our high performance tacky grips. Simply wipe down with a clean damp cloth/towel
  • Colored Cabretta putter grips maybe refurbished with a shoe wax or polish