True Temper Product Line

Listed below are several of our shaft models and a brief
description of each to assist you in selecting a shaft for
your next set of clubs or to reshaft your current set of
clubs. View all of these shafts online or call a GolfWorks
representative at 800-848-8358.

The new Grafalloy PowerLite is a next generation super
ultralite shaft that weighs in at less than 50 grams.
PowerLite helps golfers generate more club head speed for
increased distance. It's specifically designed to enhance
the performance of today's over-sized club heads. The
PowerLite is already a winner on the Senior PGA tour this
year. Check out the new Grafalloy PowerLite.

Tri-Gold shafts from True Temper are the industry's first
shaft series to combine the benefits of Ascending Weight
Technology, Progressive Flex, and incremental tip stiffness.
Tri-Gold long irons are lighter and more tip flexible which
makes them easier to hit and provides longer more accurate
distance. Tour weighted short irons are slightly stiffer
to provide more control. Every shaft in the Tri-Gold
series provides optimum trajectory control so you can take
advantage of every scoring opportunity. Tri-Gold shafts
are sold in packaged sets of nine or individually.

Do you know what the #1 shaft on the PGA tour is? It's
Dynamic Gold by True Temper. More tour professionals win
with Dynamic Gold each weekend than with any other shaft.
It's been the #1 shaft on tour for the last twenty years.
In fact, 30 of the last 40 Major Championships have been
won with Dynamic Gold. Tour players rely on the consistent
performance of Dynamic Gold shot after shot, round after
round, under any condition. Take your game to the next
level with Dynamic Gold from True Temper.

EI-70's mid-flex design continues to be a favorite among
tour pros because it produces a ball flight that provides
longer distance and greater control to hit every fairway.
In fact, EI-70 has been the #1 graphite wood shaft on the
PGA tour for the last couple of years. Depending on how
it is trimmed, the EI-70 is well suited for a variety of
player types due to its unique stiffness characteristics.
EI-70 is truly the most versatile high performance graphite
wood shaft in golf.

Release steel shafts from True Temper are an overwhelming
favorite among golfers who rely on tempo to score. This
tip flexible design adds power to every swing. Release's
lightweight design helps create more club head speed,
which results in longer distance. Available with or
without SensiCore, Release is the perfect choice for
golfers wanting the consistent performance of steel in
a lighter weight design.

The ProLite Elite has been one of the most successful
Grafalloy prototypes on tour over the last three years.
Grafalloy is now bringing this winning performance to
all golfers. This new ultralite shaft combines the
"classic" ProLite design with advances in materials and
manufacturing technology.

The ProLite Elite features a slightly softer tip section
than the original ProLite 35. The Elite has already made
it to the winner's circle on the Senior PGA tour this year.
In fact, there were 30 ProLite Elites in play at this
year's U.S. Senior Open making it the #2 graphite wood
shaft behind the original ProLite 35. Give the ProLite
Elite a try!

SensiCore is a revolutionary vibration damping technology
that remains one of the hottest concepts in the industry
today. In fact, Tour players using True Temper shafts
with SensiCore have won over 125 events since its introduction.
SensiCore eliminates up to 70% of the
unwanted vibration in the golf shaft as a result of
impact. Avoid the harsh feeling of ordinary shafts.
Insist on SensiCore technology in your next set of clubs.

Grafalloy's ProLogic shafts are the industry's first set
of iron shafts to combine the consistency of steel with
the lightweight properties of graphite. Using Grafalloy's
patent-pending design and manufacturing processes, the
frequency [stiffness] of each shaft is within +/- 2 cycles
per minute (cpm) of nominal. The result is more consistent
feel and shot making.

Each ProLogic shaft is individually designed for a specific
club in the bag to optimize trajectory and control. ProLogic
shafts feature a constant weight, discrete length design
that produces stiffer short irons for maximum control and
more flexible long irons for maximum distance. With
ProLogic iron shafts, golfers of all skill levels can more
easily hit every iron in their bag. ProLogic shafts are
factory tip-prepped and sold in packaged sets or in individual

With the introduction of BiMatrx technology, True Temper
has virtually reinvented the golf shaft. Through patented
design and manufacturing processes, True Temper has combined
a high modulus graphite shaft with a specially engineered
steel alloy tip. The result is a lightweight shaft with
the consistency and torsional stability to hit the ball
longer and straighter.

Put the best of both worlds in your hands. Demand BiMatrx
in your next driver or fairway wood. Or reshaft your
favorite club today.

SensiCore Gold with Variable Feel Technology creates the
perfect balance between vibration damping and responsive
feel. Employing a progressive series of bi-polymeric cores,
SensiCore Gold shafts are individually tuned for each club
in the bag. SensiCore Gold eliminates unwanted vibration
in your tougher to hit long irons, while preserving
valuable feedback in your short irons improving touch
and feel on scoring opportunities. True Temper Engineers
teamed with vibration abatement experts to develop a more
efficient and effective insert. SensiCore Gold utilizes
three unique bi-polymeric cores throughout the set of irons,
while SensiCore employs the same core in each iron shaft.
The SensiCore Gold "active energy cores" provide incremental
vibration damping throughout the set. Long iron inserts
(1-4 irons) remove 90% of unwanted vibration, mid iron
inserts (5-7 irons) 80%, and short iron inserts (8-PW) 70%.