Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Junior Graphite Iron Shaft

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The Grafalloy Limited Edition ProLaunch Blue iron shafts are designed specifically for the junior golfer to aid in getting the ball airborne. Cutting down existing golf shafts can actually do more harm than good to a developing junior golfer. Cut down shafts are too stiff with little torque causing the junior golfer swing unnaturally to get the golf ball into the air. The ProLaunch Blue shafts eliminate this problem.


  • Light weight, high torque design ideal for slow swing speeds
  • Small .515" butt diameter for correctly fitted junior grip sizing
  • Low flex point shaft with a soft tip to increase trajectory
  • 37" length

Trimming Instructions - 0" tip trim for the longest iron in the set, then 1/2" increments through the shortest iron