Golf Club Services and Repairs


Expert Golf Club Service and Repair

The GolfWorks offers several industry-leading golf club repairs and services. GolfWorks has been expertly repairing and servicing golf clubs for over 30 years, so we can assure you the highest quality results. Click on the service type below to find out more information, or if you already know what service or repair you need, download our Repair Form and send it to us via mail to get started!


SST PUREing Shaft Service

SST PURE Shaft Alignment, the leading golf shaft alignment technology on the PGA Tour and around the world, is available for the first time through The GolfWorks! SST PURE identifies asymmetries that exist in every golf shaft and locates each shaft's most stable orientation. This results in more consistent performance and uniform feel from club to club. You will see and feel the difference immediately!
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PUREing Services can be added to your shaft purchase upon selection.
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Before vs. After Shaft Analysis

Shaft Prepping Service

We eliminate hours from your clubmaking time by preparing your shafts for immediate assembly. We tip trim unitized shafts to manufacturers recommendations. For steel shafts, we abrade the tips. For graphite shafts, we remove the polyurethane coating. When you receive your shaft, all you need to do is mix epoxy, install and align it.

Shaft Services can be added to your purchase upon selecting a golf shaft. | View Shafts

Iron Refinishing Service

Let the Maltby Expert Repair Technicians make your irons look as good as new. The GolfWorks Iron Repair Department has been refinishing iron clubheads for a combined 50 years and has refinished golf clubs for customers worldwide.

  • Strip Off Old Chrome
  • Remove Nicks and Dings (depth of flaws may limit removal)
  • Sandblast Face
  • Chromeplate Head
  • Paintfill Engravings (Red, Black or as specified)

NOTE: For shafted golf clubheads add $5.95 for each clubhead that requires golf shaft extraction and re-assembly.

Service Types

Rechrome (High Polish)

Repair Code: RCHI | Price (USD): $59.95

Rechrome (Satin)

Repair Code: RCSA | Price (USD): $59.95

Rechrome (Black)

Repair Code: RCBL | Price (USD): $59.95

Refinish Steel (Satin)

Repair Code: RFSI | Price (USD): $21.95

Refinish Steel (High Polish)

Repair Code: RFSH | Price (USD): $25.95

Tool Black Finish (Carbon Steel only)

Repair Code: RFTB | Price (USD): $25.95

Tumble Finish

Repair Code: RFTF | Price (USD): $21.95

Strip Chrome

Repair Code: STRP | Price (USD): $9.95

Light Wheel Cleaning

Repair Code: WWBI | Price (USD): $15.95

Weld New Hosel

Repair Code: RWLD | Price (USD): $27.95

Weld Hosel / Cracks, Fill Holes

Repair Code: RWLC | Price (USD): $15.95

Putter Refinishing Service

We have years of experience refinishing all brands of putters. As the finish of the putter changes, our repair department is quick to accommodate many new designs.

  • Strip Paint (Decals cannot be saved during refinishing)
  • Remove Scratches & Dings (Depth of flaws may limit removal)
  • Finish Un-Painted Areas (Polishing, Sandblasting, Satin)
  • Replace Finish with High Quality Two-Part Paint
  • Paintfill all Engravings

NOTE: For shafted putters add $5.95 for each clubhead that requires golf shaft extraction and re-assembly.

Full Finish Note: We attempt to color match original finishes as closely as possible. An exact match cannot be guaranteed. Face lines that are not engraved will be lost during this process.

Service Types

Painted Putter Refinishing

Repair Code: RFPP | Price (USD): $39.95

Refinish Steel / Brass (High Polish or Satin)

Repair Code: RFSI | Price (USD): $21.95

Tool Black Finish (Carbon Steel only)

Repair Code: RFTB | Price (USD): $25.95

Tumble Finish

Repair Code: RFTF | Price (USD): $21.95

Light Wheel Cleaning

Repair Code: WWBI | Price (USD): $15.95

Weld Hosel / Cracks, Fill Holes

Repair Code: RLWD | Price (USD): $15.95

Regripping Service

We regrip your golf clubs with the golf grip of your choice. To order: Add $4.50 per golf club to the price of any golf grip in this catalog, and specify which grip you want.

Service Types


Repair Code: RGRP | Price (USD): $4.50

Reshafting Service

Select a golf shaft, note the flex and length desired. Indicate the style and size of golf grip you would like us to install. We will remove your existing shaft, install a new shaft and a new grip selected from this catalog. Note: We can also rebore your iron clubheads or wooden clubheads to accommodate a larger parallel-tip shaft. We cannot re-bore metal wood clubheads. To order: Add $19.95 to the catalog price of the golf shaft and grip you choose. Add $9.95 to rebore your iron clubhead from .355" taper to .370" parallel tip (if needed). Assembly refers to assembly (to your specifications) of components. (An additional $5.95 charge is required for bore-thru heads and woods that require special adapters).

Service Types


Repair Code: RSFT | Price (USD): $19.95

Service Types

Loft and Lie Adjustments

Repair Code: SLL | Price (USD): $4.95

Change Swingweight

Repair Code: CSWT | Price (USD): $9.95

Change Golf Club Length

Repair Code: CCL | Price (USD): $10.95

Remove Broken Golf Shaft (inside hosel)

Repair Code: REMV | Price (USD): $10.95

Reset Shaft / Tighten Loose Clubhead

Repair Code: RSET | Price (USD): $9.95

Ream / Bore Hosel

Repair Code: RIHB | Price (USD): $9.95

Putter Shaft Custom Bend

Repair Code: SBEN | Price (USD): $5.95

Remove Rattle in Clubhead or Golf Shaft

Repair Code: RATL | Price (USD): $14.95


Repair Code: RWWD | Price (USD): $9.95

Iron Regrooving Service

The GolfWorks offers precision milling of traditional ā€œVā€ and Square grooves for your irons. Please contact The GolfWorks for details on additional re-grooving services.
NOTE: Chrome heads will need stripped and re-chromed for re-grooving.

Service Types

Box - Grooves

Repair Code: RGBX | Price (USD): $12.99

V - Grooves

Repair Code: RGV | Price (USD): $12.99