Auditor Programmable Epoxy Cure System 3-GM1042

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A compact version of our Auditor Omega Programmable Curing Rack, this unit offers all the features and advantages of the original design but with a smaller foot print.

With just 3 heating pegs, this unit heats faster and is more responsive because of the smaller thermal load and higher power density available. Temperature rise and soak time at target temperature are controlled by the Auditor Omega proportional controller to a narrow band not exceeding +/-3O° C.

Best suited for smaller labs, custom club retail fitting stations and tour vans working to tight deadlines.

The Auditor Omega's bi-directional recipe upload/download function with cure cycle data recording capability are also retained on this unit.


  • Programmable temperature controller with accuracy of +/- 30° C
  • On board memory for 10 user defined adhesive curing profiles
  • Handles 1 hour cure cycle at 50~200° C / 122~392° F per step
  • Holds up to 3 clubs, allowing ample spacing between clubs
  • Powerful, 500W sealed heater cartridge
  • Data collection & programming software included
  • USB Upload & download of curing profiles
  • Compact wall mount installation reduces footprint
  • Voltage - 110V AC

Note:The epoxy cure system will work with any 24 hour epoxy whether used on hosels or adjustable shaft adapters. However the user must be aware that Aluminum is heat sensitive and can easily anneal or discolor when heat is above 200 degree C or 392F.

View or Download GM1042 Instructions