Golf Grip Sizing

Get the Right Golf Grips for You! Make sure improper grip sizing is not affecting your golf swing.

The proper sizing of grips is one of the easiest, yet most misunderstood aspects of customizing your clubs. Having the correct grip size gives the club a certain feel, the correct feel for the individual golfer.

A grip that is too small can cause the player to squeeze the grip too tightly, creating tension and inhibiting wrist action before impact. If the player has the proper grip pressure but the grip size is too small, the golfer may have overactive wrist action causing the golfer to pull the ball.

If the grip is too large, there may be reduced head feel. Also, wrist action may be inhibited not allowing the clubface to return to the square position at impact. A too large grip may also cause the player to grip down on the club because it feels better, which in effect shortens the club and can reduce swing speed resulting in inconsistent and shorter shot distance.

Although the proper grip size is very important to the overall feel of the golf club, it is also just as important in helping the golfer achieve the proper ball flight.

The following chart shows the correct way to achieve the proper grip size.
Printable Grip Sizing Chart